Overthinking Your Business: 5 Tips to Keep your Business Running Smoothly and Successfully


By Allison Turner Business, Marketing & Sales Consultant I recently ran across an image on Facebook that stated, “Overthinking: The art of creating problems that weren’t even there.” Have you ever been in this position in your business or even in life? I certainly have. Let me define “overthinking” as the state of being paralyzed and creating problems that don’t even exist. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs especially in their first couple years of business want to analyze every possible decision. They see that fork in the road and wonder which way to go. They play the “What If” game. What if I do that and this occurs. What if I do this and that occurs. In the end they do nothing. If you are a small business owner, here are 5 Essential Tips to keep you and your business on the road to Success. 1) Create a Balanced Life: When you own a business, it is easy to put your whole life into it and make your family, friends and most importantly you a distant second! Owning and building a business takes a lot of work and often it requires sacrifices but that is no excuse for not taking care of you and spending time with family and friends. Your health, mindset and clarity all impact how you run your business. Knowing how to have balance is necessary. Your wellbeing comes first before your family, friends and business. If you can’t take care of your most valuable asset (yourself) then how will you take care of family, friends and a business? Some find meditation helps while others find exercise helps. For me, I love being outdoors in nature. Find what works for you. When you find you are overthinking a decision, step away, take some time for you and that will often help you gain more clarity and decisiveness. 2) Don’t be Afraid to Make Mistakes: People make mistakes all of the time! Mistakes are lessons and allow you and your business to continue to grow. As Jack Welch, the retired CEO of GE stated, “I’ve learned that mistakes can often be as good a teacher as success.” 3) Surround Yourself with Successful People: Have you ever noticed that when you surround yourself with successful people, more success continues to show up for you? In my life and business, I have stepped away from those who are always crying victim and won’t take responsibility for their lives. I choose to surround myself with successful people who continue to want to improve and learn. Successful people challenge you to gain more success. 4) Create a Team in Your Business: As a business owner, you are not expected to know everything and do everything. That is the biggest mistake that I see business owners make. They feel that they must know and do all parts of their business; the sooner you bring in a team who compliment your strengths, the better. While I do recommend that a small business owner understands the different divisions of his or her company, it is essential that you as the owner recognize your strengths and know where your time is best spent. As Henry Ford said, “I am not the smartest, but I surround myself with competent people.” Bring on your team! 5) You are the Leader: If you have started your own business, you more than likely are a leader. That doesn’t mean you don’t think through decisions or make mistakes, but it does mean that you must be deliberate, keep your long-term vision in mind and create a strategic roadmap for your business and success. The next time you find yourself overthinking a decision in your business, take a step back, relax and remember these 5 Tips so you ensure your business continues to run smoothly and successfully. Allison Turner is CEO and cofounder of Business Consultants of South Florida,(BCoSF) located at 301 W Atlantic Avenue, Suite 05. She is a resident of Delray Beach as well as active member of the Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce. BCoSF is passionate about helping their clients either start or grow a sustainable and profitable business through their strategic business, marketing and sales plans and consulting services. For more information visit www.BCoSF.com or call 561-276-4422.