Palm Beach County Ceos, Executives Raised Funds, Hammers During CEO Build


Staff report

CEOs and top executives from 70 Palm Beach County businesses got out from behind their desks and put on hard hats to help build the “House that CEOs Built.”

The inaugural CEO Build brought leaders together to help build a home through Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County.

The group raised $175,000 to pay for construction materials and built the home alongside  Gevala Antonine and her family, who will be living in the home.

Antonine is a former third grade and fourth grade school teacher, who works at Boston’s On The Beach. She is a widow and has four children.

After the loss of her husband, she applied for Habitat’s home ownership program culminating in earning a zero interest mortgage on the Habitat home that she and CEO Builders are physically helping to build.

She is completing Habitat’s required 500 “Sweat Equity” hours to earn a zero-interest mortgage.

Living in their new home will be Antoinine’s daughters Stephane, 18 years old (Nursing Student at FSU) and Stephie, 17 years old (Atlantic High Student focused on business) and sons Richard, 12 years old (Village Academy Student who wants to be a mechanical engineer) and Ricky, 10 years old (Village Academy Student want to be a race car driver).

Jerry Fedele, President & CEO of Boca Raton Regional Hospital served as CEO Build Honorary Chair, CEO Builder, Paul Adkins and Chairman of Florida Peninsula Insurance Company represented his company that was the CEO Build presenting home sponsor.