Parade Productions Presents a Premiere Reading of Michael Leeds’ The Gift at Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center


Parade Productions presents a premiere reading of award-winning South Florida playwright/director Michael Leeds’ new work, The Gift. This free reading, featuring actors Clay Cartland and Lindsey Forgey, takes place on July 1st at 7:30 p.m., at the Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center’s Studio Theatre in Boca Raton. The premise of The Gift is simple: A young man and woman are stuck in adjoining elevators. However their gradual realization they might actually be trapped in each other’s dreams leads the characters – and audiences – on an intriguing journey as they discover things about one another, and themselves, they have never known before. “The genesis for The Gift came when I was hunting for an idea and read a quote from a New York playwright who said, ‘Most people suggest writing what you know. I like to write what I fear.’” Leeds explains. “When I was younger I had bouts of claustrophobia and as a writer I’m drawn to plays that have a fantastical element to them. So I started with the image of a young man trapped in an elevator who realizes he’s actually trapped in a dream, and the story just evolved from there.” “We were looking for a play to help develop. We fell in love with this one,” Parade Productions’ Executive Producer Candace Caplin says. “The characters are irresistible and the concept is fascinating. It’s an honor to be part of this process with Michael.” Leeds is equally pleased: “Getting the chance to have a reading at Parade Productions with Candace and (director) Kim St. Leon and wonderful actors like Clay Cartland and Lindsey Forgey is a terrific opportunity. I’m hoping the audience will be as intrigued with The Gift as I was writing it.” Parade Productions is a not-for profit theatre company whose mission is “To produce high quality theatre experiences that entertain, enlighten, inform, uplift, and inspire audiences, sending them home with new thoughts, insights, questions, and ideas.” The Gift by Michael Leeds July 1st 7:30 p.m. Admission: Free The Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center, Studio Theatre, 2nd Floor 201 Plaza Real in Boca Raton.