Party Trends, Tips For 2017


Staff report
The holiday party season may be over, but the new year brings new trends in the party scene. Whether you are throwing an intimate dinner party at home or a blow out wedding, we asked Delray-based event planners Brian Kelly and Sean Koski of Ticket2Events to dish on what is on and what is out when it comes to throwing a party in 2017.
Walking dinners

If you don’t want your guests to have to decide between chicken or beef, a walking dinner can offer both options and then some. And the decision to have a cocktail-served style wedding doesn’t make it less classy or cheaper. The trend to serve guests all types of options with a walking dinner is in for 2017.
Photo booths
Providing your guests with an activity as well as a take-home to remember the night is still in at parties. Even though photo booths have been around for years, the technology is always changing. So the question isn’t whether to have a photo booth, it is what kind of photo booth to have. There are all types if options that incorporate social media and animations.
Wedding traditions
The consensus on certain wedding traditions is that some are in and some are out. When it comes to the service, the Kelly and Koski agreed that many couples are opting for ways to shorten the ceremony to about 20 minutes. That may mean a shorter mass or cutting out some traditions. There is more awareness of the guests’ time and attention span they said.
Depending on the length of the ceremony will also dictate who stands up with the bride and groom. They said the trend to have the entire bridal party stand up with the couple depends on how long the service will last.
Bridesmaid outfits
Brides are still allowing their bridal party to mix and match dress styles. It is still a trend to allow bridesmaids to wear different cuts and styles of dresses that are in the same color and material.
The tradition of giving guests something to bring home from an event as a token of appreciation has taken a shift. Instead of sending guests home with customized mint boxes or matches, hosts are often making donations to charities and causes they support.
There is also still an emphasis on providing welcome bags to guests or swag bags. Invest in a higher quality bag so your guests use it after the event.
Activating the party
Cocktail parties are fun, but small talk isn’t always what guests want to do. Kelly and Koski recommend having something for your guests to do while at your event. Ideas include a nail bar or blow out bar for pampering events, a make your own bar to give guests something to make like chocolate truffles, a popcorn station with tons of flavors to sample or a mixologist to explain how to make the perfect martini. They recommend providing an activity that will leave guests talking about the event once its over.
The e-vite or paperless invitation isn’t tacky. It is an innovative and a creative way to keep costs low. Now, you can send invitations with a video message through email or even text. It can also give guests an easy way to RSVP without dealing with the postal service.