Pesaro, beginning a friendship


By: Stephen Chrisanthus Special to the Delray newspaper
The City of Delray Beach and the Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce teamed up for a visit to Sister City Pesaro, Italy. The trip aimed at strengthening relationships between the two cities and facilitating economic development initiatives was captained by Delray Beach Mayor Cary Glickstein.
The city of Pesaro and its city officials welcomed the American delegation with open arms and provided them with a packed itinerary of culture, business and fun. Francesca Gallitto, Project Manager for Pesaro, was the lead hostess for the group and the person who spearheaded the entire sister city initiative with Delray Beach from the get go, recognizing the similarities and potential between the cities.
The two cities may sit across the Atlantic from each other but they have many close resemblances, all the way down to a walkable downtown that leads to a beautiful beach.
“Pesaro is an ideal sister city offering unlimited opportunities for cultural, tourism and economic exchanges with Delray,” Mayor Cary Glickstein said.
The group attended events and visited places throughout the entire Marche region, giving them an idea of what the area had to offer and a sense of the people.
“Like Delray, Pesaro is a beautiful city with beautiful people who place a premium on enjoying life,” Glickstein said.
They visited museums, castles, beaches and businesses; attended a hotel grand opening, a youth soccer match, and even a zombie festival. They met with officials and directors in sports, arts, education, industry and more. Future collaborations and possibilities were discussed in the range of sports competition, art exchanges, tourism initiatives and manufacturing opportunities, just to start. The mayor and chamber delegation went on to tour all the city services Pesaro offers to its residents and businesses while tasting and experiencing authentic Italian culture.
The people of Pesaro proved once again to be amazing hosts and great partners for the future. Sharing all that time and experiences with one another built a real bond between the Delray delegation and their Italian counterparts, so much that Mayor Glickstein gave their mayor the keys to the City, a gesture reserved for those thought of as family and the very trusted.
“I gave Mayor Ricci the key to our city to symbolize the people of Pesaro are always welcome in Delray,” Glickstein said.