Pineapple Music Profile: The 3 Amigos Are The Best Band You’ve Never Heard Of

The 3 Amigos are the best band you may have never heard of! This ultra talented trio are fronted by Andres and Gabe Martinez, brothers in life and music have been playing music since child- hood. Their drummer, Julien is the newest member of the band but fits in the pocket like he grew up with the brothers Martinez. We caught up with Andres and got to know a little about them. Briefly, what is your background and how did you come to start this project? My brother Gabe and I have been playing music all our lives and we were fortunate to get a very early start. We come from a musical family and have been playing in the same musical projects since the beginning. When our last drummer had to leave the band, we found Julian on Craigslist. After receiving about sixty different responses to our ad in a span of two days, we ironically ended up going with Julian who was the first person to call out of all of them. He called within five minutes of posting the ad. Talk about desperate!

I know you play covers, but what sepa- rates you from other cover bands? I would have to say that our song selection and it’s diversity is what sets us apart from other cover bands. We play songs from a huge span of artists including 311, Sublime, Tears For Fears, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Notorious BIG, Bob Marley, and much more spanning from old to new. Everyone in the band really embraces all dif- ferent genres of music so when we put together a song list, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be something for every- one. Being that we all come from a back- ground of playing original music, we try to not sell our souls completely. We do this by only playing covers that we actually like and that we know other people like as well. What do you think of Delray’s music scene as a whole? Nothing like it! There are so many different things going on. Its awesome that I could be checking out some new indie band at DADA while my parents are getting nostalgic and dancing the night away 3 blocks down at

Johnny Brown’s. I think it’s awesome to have a downtown area like Delray that supports not only music, but culture and the arts in general. Why the name 3 Amigos? Andres: Well there are three of us and we’re all friends and it just so happens that we’re all Hispanic, so the name does have some authenticity. Not to mention that we have been known to save small towns and villages from the tyranny of suppressing outlaws. After our shows you might be able to catch us load- ing our gear onto our horses and riding off into the night sporting over-sized sombreros. Since Delray’s burgeoning musical culture definitely has something for everyone, it can be hard to figure out where to go to fit your mood for the night. Fortunately, you have me to help weed through the noise (literally, and figuratively). Mineo Hurricanes Bar & Lounge Dec 25th 9pm Mineo is just as entertaining as he is thought provoking, whether he’s performing with a traditional trio, big band or simply a versatile tubist, Mineo’s groovy guitar licks and unique vocal phrasing will make your Mojito that much sweeter.

Midlife Crysis O’Conners December 31st 10pm Every band at this character driven bar goes well with one of the best poured Guinness’ in town, and this seasoned classic rock group is no exception, a great way to start your new year after all the family has gone to bed! Pangea Kidz Arts Garage January 7th 9pm This socially conscious rap group fresh off of their performances at BET 106 & Park and the Apollo in NYC take the stage at Arts Garage for their premier Delray perform- ance. Since you can bring your own drinks to the place everyone’s talking about, I suggest sipping on whatever will make you groove! Rachel Andes DADA January 7th 10pm At a spot known for adding an eclectic touch to Delray’s musical landscape DADA takes it back with this soulful sexy jazz/hip-hop singer (yes you read that right) Enjoy a bold Zinfandel with your best friends or one you love, but be ready for some surprises. The Three Amigos: Bull Bar Saturday January 14 10pm The Three Amigos are always a sure bet and if I’m watching these 3 talented dudes remake my favorite songs in their image, I’m not going anywhere, so I’m pacing myself with some Yuenglings at this classic Delray Bar. Big Poppa E and the E Band Tryst Sundays 5:30 This is a great way to cap off the weekend. Top shelf blues and a top shelf scotch to reminisce Friday and Saturday successes. The time is perfect if you need to get home to prepare for work and the scene is great for the whole family. And if Scotch isn’t your thing, there is a craft beer for every palette. The Hot Rod Show Johnny Browns Tuesdays 7:30 pm For the record, I am NOT a Rod Stewart fan but this guy can put on a show! It doesn’t mat- ter what you want to drink as long as you are with a group of people who like to have fun! Amber Leigh Boston’s Saturdays 2pm This beautiful fiddle player/singer and her band are the perfect way to enjoy this Delray staple! Take all of your favorite peo- ple, sit back on your Saturday and let the sounds and ocean air mix with the lime in your Corona. Drew Tucker is the founder of Tucker Academy for the Arts, Director of Education and Outreach at Arts Garage, and a freelance percussionist. He also sits on the Board of Directors at the Milagro Center and Old School Square.