Profile: Executive Chef Blake Malatesta


Chef Blake Malatesta brings a unique combination of Southern tastes and international, culinary flair to his position as the executive chef at 50 Ocean in Delray Beach. As a native of LaPlace, La., where he ate stalks of sugarcane while shucking oysters as a boy, Malatesta grew up influenced by the contrasting tastes, textures, and temperatures of fresh food and flavor combinations.

From these humble beginnings and inspired by his parents’ encouragement to pursue his culinary dreams, Chef Malatesta began honing his craft by balancing authentic dishes with big flavor and rustic simplicity in a family-owned restaurant. Looking for more creativity and exciting new ideas, he pursued his calling by spending a year traveling in Europe and finding work in back kitchens, where his passion for food and wine became influenced by international sensibilities and tasteful creations. In April 2012, his culinary journey brought him to 50 Ocean, where he now selects the finest, fresh ingredients and combines them with local, seasonal, and sustainable foods. From his grandfather’s fields to the flavorful dishes and tastes of Southern and international kitchens, Chef Malatesta’s unique approach to taste, freshness, and innovation in food presentation is why he has made 50 Ocean a must-experience restaurant on the East Coast of Florida.