Project Holiday Delivers True Spirit of the Holiday Season to Our Deployed Military


In an effort to support deployed USA military members during the holiday season, the City of Delray Beach, “You Are Not Alone and “One Soldier at a Time” have come together to support the 8th Annual Project Holiday. This important Project collects and ships desperately needed items to our military who will not be able to come home for the holidays. The community is encouraged to experience the true spirit of the season by contributing to this worthy cause. Donated items will be accepted at various locations around the City and again at several locations in Boca Raton through December 6, 2013. Items will be packed for shipment on Sunday, December 8th at the Delray Beach Community Center, 50 NW 1st Avenue. Examples of needed items are: (travel size preferred): Thermoguard pads (heating pads), holiday decorations (all faiths), bags of hard, individually wrapped candy (i.e., lifesavers, dollar store hard candy – please no chocolates except for tootsie rolls, tootsie roll pops, charm pops, etc.), snacks that can easily be put in their pockets while on duty (i.e., fruit cups, peanut butter crackers, etc.), gum, beef jerky, Slim Jim, pepperoni or similar dried meats, boxes of granola bars or similar, individual bags of nuts, dried fruit, trail mix or sunflower seeds, boxed and/or individual drink packets (i.e., Crystal Light, Wal-Mart or Target brand, Kool-Aid, hot chocolate, etc.), non-perishable food items, foil packed tuna and chicken, crackers, sun block, lip balm, baby wipes (no bigger than 21⁄2” wide packages), Purell hand sanitizer, hand lotion, batteries (i.e., AA or AAA), foot powder, deodorant, toothpaste, socks (e.g., white or black knee-hi), nationwide phone cards, disposable cameras, used CD’s, DVD’s (no VHS tapes or cassettes), letters, notes, holiday cards and encouragement cards. Drop off boxes will be at the following locations: DELRAY BEACH:

  • Delray Beach City Hall, 100 NW 1st Ave.
  • Delray Beach Tennis Center, 201 West Atlantic Ave.
  • Delray Beach Community Center, 50 NW 1st Ave.
  • Delray Beach Municipal Golf Course, 2200 Highland Ave.
  • Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce, 64 SE 5th Ave.
  • Delray Beach Public Library, 100 West Atlantic Ave.

Monetary donations to cover postage and to purchase calling cards are also appreciated. Please mail checks and/or money orders made payable to Project Holiday/One Soldier at a Time to: City of Delray Beach, c/o Delores Rangel, 100 NW 1st Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444. If you are a City resident of Delray Beach or Boca Raton with a family member serving overseas and would like a package sent and/ or would like to volunteer to assist in packing boxes to be shipped, contact Delores Rangel at (561) 243-7010. For information on drop off locations in Delray Beach, contact Delores Rangel by phone (561) 243-7010 or E-mail For information on Boca Raton drop off locations, contact Marla Birman at (561) 212-4914 or E-mail Information on Project Holiday can also be found on the City’s website, “You Are Not Alone” (YANA) is a local group sponsored by the City of Delray Beach that provides encouragement and emotional support to family members and friends of our soldiers. “One Soldier at a Time” is a project that supports our deployed military with care packages and words of encouragement.