PURE Ties Up With Slash Fitness in Delray Beach


In its continuing commitment to provide fresh, allergy-friendly environment in establishments across the country, PURE Solutions NA teamed up with Slash Fitness in Delray Beach to bring about the world’s first ever allergy friendly fitness center. Fitness and health enthusiasts in the area now have the option to spend their training and work-out sessions in an allergy-friendly environment. With the goal to bring about fresh and original fitness programs in mind, Slash Fitness aims to be more than just a “typical” gym. On top of their latest collaboration with PURE Solutions, Slash Fitness has been providing the latest and most innovative workout equipment such as Powerblocks, Bosu Balls and battling ropes, as well as out- of-the-box workout sessions. The team behind Slash Fitness collaborates to bring their “You Are The Machine” philosophy to their patrons by coming up with fun, convenient and non- traditional ways of exercise.

“You are the Machine! With PURE technology in Slash Fitness there is no healthier way to burn calories!” 

The fitness center is also known for their semi-private workout sessions, which have rotating intervals on a daily basis. This allows certain flexibility so their patrons will rarely have to adjust their personal schedule in order to be accommodated by a preferred workout session. And with the PURE partnership, Slash Fitness clients can look forward to an atmosphere dedicated to health and wellness by breathing in fresh, clean air at all times. According to the American Lung Association, 1 in 4 Americans suffers from asthma or other respiratory allergies. For that 25% of the population, working out brings more huffing and puffing challenges than the rest of us. According to www.Livestrong.com, working out makes a person breathe faster in order to constantly resupply the body with oxygen. Oxygen in turn is burned in the body to allow muscles the energy needed to keep up. So while the quality of the air while working out is important for everyone, it becomes especially critical for people with breathing challenges.

PURE Solutions NA offers a range of innovative hypoallergenic products as well as a patented conversion process. Their objectives include providing comfortable and healthy breathing environments to homes and various establishments worldwide, such as hotel rooms and now, Slash Fitness center. PURE’s comprehensive program works to minimize the presence of allergens and irritants on both the physical surfaces that people get into contact with and the air that people breathe. In the case of fitness centers, bacterial viruses survive and thrive on many moist spots such as sweaty mats, public seating areas, workout equipment and any other damp surfaces. A study by Women’s Health indicated that three fourths of the surfaces touched in fitness centers contain germs that a simple wipe-down cannot destroy. One step in PURE’s conversion process is the application of a bacterio-static barrier that gets applied to all surfaces. Under a microscope, this barrier, called PURE Shield, looks like a bed of nails that prevent contaminants from attaching themselves to surfaces. Another critical step is the installation of a medical grade air purification system. This system will continuously circulate and filter the air. It kills 98-100% of viruses and bacteria that are floating around. The collaboration between PURE and Slash Fitness is an investment that promotes health and wellness and is considered a major milestone for two organizations that continuously look forward to making lives better.