QR Codes Link Diners to Review Sites, Restaurant Managers

Delray Beach-based Small Biz Is Local has recently launched the first of its kind service in the U.S. which allows diners to post a review or voice a complaint while still in the restaurant using their smartphone and a QR code reader. The QR (quick response) codes are presented on the inside cover of the check presenter. If a customer is satisfied, they are encouraged to leave a review by scanning the green code with any QR code reader available free in any App store. Reviews are recorded on either Google Places, Yelp, Urbanspoon, or Trip Advisor, depending on the check presenter the patron receives. If a customer is unsatisfied, they are directed to scan the red code and let the management know what went wrong. The system is designed for table service, owner-operated, single and multi-location restaurants and is intended to produce positive reviews at an accelerated rate of time while minimizing negative ones by directing dissatisfaction to the restaurant itself, not the review sites. The service also includes the monitoring of reviews on Google Places, Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Trip Advisor and aggregates them on a weekly basis in a report to the restaurant to track overall customer satisfaction. “The use of QR codes is growing exponentially across the country, yet use in restaurants has been limited to links to a website, menu, or promotion. This service is not even on the radar although there are over 273,000 full-service restaurants in the country,” says Larry Ross, owner of Small Biz Is Local, citing a fall 2010 restaurant census conducted by The NPD Group, a Chicago based research firm. The service will be available initially from Miami to West Palm Beach, before being rolled out nationally in October 2012. For more info, contact Larry Ross at 561- 921-5540 or email larry@smallbizislocal.com.