Quick tips to organize your life


By: Cheryl Adelman Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers
1. Take 10 minutes before bed to finish an unfinished task. (the kitchen sink.)
2. Donate old towels to a pet shelter.
3. Turn your kitchen junk drawer into a useful utility drawer.
4. Use huggable hangars in your closets. In small spaces use cascading huggable hangars.
5. Repurpose a magnetic knife rack; behind your bathroom mirror to hold small metal items.
6. Paint a magnetic bowl from the hardware store and use for your keys.
7. Use a Lazy Susan under your bathroom sink.
8. In small spaces and for kids, use items that have 2 uses. wayfair.com
9. Try the service “free cycle” to donate items and keep them out of landfills. freecycle.org
10. Buy floating bookshelves to eliminate bulky shelving units.
11. Try the iprimio cat litter trapper for messy cats. petslady.com
12. Chart/map your storage unit and update it when you move things. Label boxes.
13. Replace doors with curtains or screens.
14. catalogchoice.org to end junk mail and consumer.ftc.gov to eliminate telemarketers and more.
15. Keep bills separate from everything else! Mark due date on the front, stack in order of due date.
16. Make a yearly home maintenance file so you don’t have to rely on remembering.
17. Store your many scarves in a clear-pocket over the door shoe holder.
18. Store Legos by color in labeled dollar store stackables.
Cheryl Adelman is owner of Organize In A Day™.Please visit organizeinaday.com to receive her thoughtful questionnaire or to contact her. Cheryl is reliable, ethical and offers realistic, sustainable suggestions. Originally from Philadelphia, she has lived in Delray Beach since 2009.