Reclaim Your Cape!


Supercharge your superpowers at Emerge 2014 August 28-30

BOCA RATON, FL – Join in on a magical 3 day experience where women worldwide will be empowered to reclaim their superhero capes and own their world! On August 28-30, Emerge 2014, a three day business conference will be hosted at the Waldorf Astoria in Boca Raton helping entrepreneurs to reclaim their cape! “As children we possessed amazing superhero powers! We were fierce, we were invincible and we were unstoppable,” said coordinator and Brand ReCoder Kellie Kuecha. “But alas, over time our superpower was chipped away as we met with fear, doubt, obstacles and adversities. Little by little our dreams were forgotten, our powers were diminished, and our faith was shaken. Well it’s time to Reclaim Your Cape and regain the courage and command that you once had!” At Emerge 2014, the focus will be to supercharge those powers! You’ll be equipped to become FREE by being provided 3 days of intensive learning, incredible access to world leaders, and immense resources that will enable you to walk away ready to rule your world and create the life and business of your dreams! During the Event: • Create your own Secret Sauce (proprietary process) to set you far apart from your competition. • Learn a proprietary Event Success Formula so that you can host your own six figure signature events. • Personal Speaker’s Wealth Map – How to start, what to do, where the money is. • How to expand from a solo-preneur to a world-wide brand using the newly updated Team Building Blueprint. Who to hire, what positions, how to pay them. • Learn how to create your own Signature Program Formula. • The newest Business Omnipresence Branding strategies that will enable you to dominate your niche globally You will also learn from industry leaders in the area of sales, marketing, social media influence, tax strategies and so much more. Breakout Topics include: • Robin Hardy, Doing it all yourself? Stop it! The 3 Secrets to Becoming a Master Delegator. • Angela Lomel, Moxie M.A.P. Girl, Yo! Put the PRO in Your Proprietary Process! • Vibeke Schurch – Tangibility Coach, Turn Your Concepts into Cash: 5 Keys to Unlocking the Chains and Opening the Door to Financial Freedom. • Shanshera Quinn – The Launch Boss, Launch Like a Boss! Top Insider Secrets to Successfully Package, Position and Promote Your Next BIG idea! • Lydia Martinez – Momentum Mentor, Magnetic Momentum: Using the Power of Discipline to Create Momentum, Generate Millions in Revenue and Magnetize the Masses. • Karen Alleyne-Means – Profit Strategist, Soul Profits: Authentic Conversations that Sell. Be a guest on a magical journey into the world of big business. Isn’t it time you stopped waiting for success to come to you and stepped into your own personal power? Join one another at the Waldorf Astoria on August 28-30 for the journey. Call 561-632-7183, email or visit for more details. Officially known as The Brand Re-Coder, Kellie Kuecha blazes a trail for her clients by utilizing her proprietary methods of decoding 82 different Diamond Facets and recoding them into a highly recognizable and undeniably unique brand that combines their expertise with their Soul Gravity™. Charged with her superior street-smart-savvy, intuitive nature and extensive expertise, the Brand Recoder is well equipped to take an unknown entrepreneur from Obscurity to worldwide Omnipresence, enabling them to Own Their World.” Learn more at