Reigning Garlic Fest Champ Takes the Title Again!


In a competition like no other, Reigning Garlic Fest Champ Bruce Feingold, Executive chef of Dada’s and AJ Benacquisto, Sous Chef of 32 East, went head to head to battle it out in the 2014 Garlic Chef Finals. Each year Garlic Fest volunteers looks for new and exciting ideas that push the competitors to the next level, all the while enhancing the experience for the audience. This year was no exception! With the semi-final mystery ingredient being beef jerky, and the contestants made aware at the 30-minute mark that they needed to incorporate fruit roll- ups in one of their 3 dishes, AJ beat out his competition, Michael Vogler from Latitudes Restaurant & Bar in Hollywood. For the finals, the competitors were presented with their mystery item. The mystery ingredient… TOFU!! They then had to create a completely Vegan menu. The chefs had 15 minutes to prepare their menus and then present to the audience. Before the competition began, they were asked to bring their personal items (knives) with them and meet in the middle, then switch sides. Their competitor’s menus now became their menu. They were told to create “their interpretation” of their competitor’s menu and bring their spin into it. In the end, Feingold ‘s rendition and execution won him the title once again!