Remembering Bob Currie


By: Jeff Perlman Editor-in-chief

A number of years ago, I had lunch with a retired city employee who said something that resonated deeply with me.

She told me that while Delray was a wonderful town, we didn’t know how to say thank you to people who contributed greatly to our community.

I’m afraid that might be true.

So many good ones get away without formal recognition. It’s not right and we should do something about it.

In fact, one of the reasons I invested in a community newspaper was to say thank you to special people who have enriched our community.

We lost Bob Currie last month and he was one of those special people. Very special.

Delray owes him a heaping debt of gratitude because his accomplishments are vast and his influence was widely felt.

If you like our public library, Bob is one of the people you should thank. He served on the library board for years and was dedicated to making sure we got a new one on West Atlantic.

He lived near the beach and was dedicated to the Beach Property Owners Association whose leadership adored and respected him.

He was passionate about Pineapple Grove and dedicated thousands of hours to the district, giving special attention to the design of projects in the neighborhood and to the gateway arch. I was with him the night it was first lit. We sat with half a dozen volunteers at a nearby restaurant and toasted the future—a future that people like Bob envisioned. He was a believer. A true believer in this town.

He was passionate about historic preservation and was immensely dedicated to the restoration and success of Old School Square. He loved the “bones” of the place taking special delight in the Crest Theatre. He loved the people who were similarly dedicated to Old School Square, especially founder Frances Bourque. He adored her and she loved him.

Bob gave so much of his time to the betterment of what I believe is Delray’s signature civic project. Bob was a talented and experienced architect. His firm’s stamp can be found all over Delray and throughout South Florida and parts beyond. Bob’s dad was an architect, too, and he was deeply devoted to the field.

He left his mark on buildings including the South County Administrative Complex and South County Civic Center for Palm Beach County; Temple Sinai; the Ocean Avenue Bridge; Sundy House Restaurant, and more than 25 fire rescue and public safety projects including all of the stations completed for the City of Delray Beach.

He loved to paint, golf and travel.

He was smart, not afraid to argue for a position and earned his place as the dean of Delray’s architectural community.

Bob was a throwback to a time when dedicated volunteers made Delray Beach a very special place. They were long term players, deeply committed to Delray and able to work with others. They were interested in the big picture. Hence Bob’s interest in Pineapple Grove, the beach, OSS, the downtown and historic districts.

I miss those days.

Delray misses those days.

And Delray will miss Bob Currie.

He was a wonderful man. We were blessed that this is where he landed and that he decided to give his time and talents to Delray Beach.

Rest In Peace my friend.

Thank you…