Retargetting to boost your revenue


By Jeff Klein Special to The Pineapple Retargeting (also called retarget marketing) is a simple but effective way to reach people online who have already browsed your website, but left without buying. They might have placed items in their shopping cart and gotten distracted, or spent a significant amount of time browsing your site and then left to compare prices. Regardless of why they left, the key here to remember is that only about 2% to 8% of all customers convert on their first visit to an eCommerce storefront. Retargeting helps you tap into that other 98% to 92% you would otherwise be missing out on. Retargeting Your Leads with Cookies The easiest way to retarget your visitors is through the use of cookies. A cookies is just a little piece of JavaScript code on the back end of the site (meaning your visitors don’t see it). When someone visits your website, a tracking cookie is added to their browser. This cookie allows your retarget display/banner ads to display to people who’ve visited your site as they browse other sites on the Internet. This not only helps to get your brand recognized, it also provides a way for the customer to return to your site while simultaneously creating a more personalized internet experience for the user. Retargeting Your Leads with Email Marketing A more traditional form of retargeting is through the use of email. You can retarget people who have visited your site if they have signed up for your emailing list or have made purchases from you before (i.e. they have an account and you have their email address). Let’s say one of your customers is searching lawnmowers but a week goes by and they don’t buy. A simple email pointing to a sale you have on lawnmowers this week might be just the motivation to buy that they need. Why Should You Use Retargeting? The main reason to use retargeting is because it increases your sales. It also raises brand awareness and draws in more targeted traffic to your site. You get higher click-thru and conversion rates since your audience consists of people who have already visited your website. Think of retargeting as both a branding and conversion optimization tool. Of course, on its own, retarget marketing is effective, but it can work even better if it’s integrated into a comprehensive digital marketing and branding strategy. Use retargeting along with content marketing and regular AdWords campaigns to give your sales a substantial, sustainable boost. Jeff Klein is the President of Power Play Marketing, an Internet Marketing agency in Delray Beach. They help businesses succeed online by delivering search engine marketing, web design, and reputation marketing solutions. 561-749-9172