Rotary Club Welcomes Police Chief Goldman


The Delray Beach Rotary Club welcomed Delray Beach Police Chief Jeff Goldman as the guest presenter at one of their weekly lunch meeting at the Delray Beach Library in September. Chief Goldman stated that one of the objectives of his administration is to establish and enhance police visibility and communication with the public they serve. He has asked his officers to walk around the community on a daily basis and to engage the community as often as possible. He has added officers’ first names to their name badges to foster the view that the officers are people and citizens with families and lives in the community. He promotes youth activities with the Police Department and his staff is available to engage the population as coaches, advisors, sponsors and presenters at every opportunity. Chief Goldman is proud of his department and will do whatever it takes to make the Delray Beach Police Department among the best in Florida and the world. At the meeting, the chief answered questions from the audience and welcomed every citizen to contact the department with their questions or concerns.