Rotary Welcomes Director of Tanzania’s School of St. Jude


The Delray Beach Rotary recently welcomed Kim Saville, Director of International Relations for The School of St. Jude in Tanzania, East Africa to address the local club on the successes of the school for the impoverished children in that country. The Rotarians and guests learned that St. Jude School is a charity funded school with Rotary International being a major contributor. The school provides quality education, meals and housing for over 1600 of the brightest and poorest children in the Arushia region of Tanzania. Saville explained that just being accepted to The St. Jude School is a life changing event for the families of these children. The School was founded by Gemma Sisia and Saville just 10 years ago and has had a profound impact on thousands of people in Tanzania. Saville is a speaker of international repute and has addressed audiences around the world on the dramatic accomplishments of The School of St. Jude. She answered questions from the assembly and welcomes anyone to visit the school and contribute to this most worthy enterprise. For info contact: