Seven Signs To Know If Your Date Is ‘A Keeper’


By: Riana Milne, My Relationship Coach Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers
It’s the New Year, and a fresh start for everything! Many of you who are single started to pick up your dating activity in November, in hopes to meet someone special during the holiday season. So how do you know if the person you have been dating for a few months is “a keeper?”
Here is a short list of seven things to look for in a person, before committing to be exclusive:
They are honest. They live by a code of ethics with people and money; they treat people fairly and they demonstrate integrity (doing the right thing when no one is watching) especially when it comes to money and people. What they say about themselves matches reality.
They keep agreements and are a person of their word. They are on reliable, conscientious, on time, and you can count on them to do what they have promised to do.
They are emotionally mature. They do not blame others or circumstances for their life situation and take total responsibility for their actions or mistakes. They can keep a job, manage their money making them financially responsible, and have little debt. They run their life well and seem to have it “all together.” They are truly prepared for a committed relationship
They are a great communicator; open and present to listening to what you have to say. They don’t lecture or monopolize a conversation; respecting the flow of ideas between the both of you. Verbally, their tone of voice, pace of words, and volume of speaking is pleasant, not aggressive. They are ready to open their heart to you; as there is mutual trust and respect.
They genuinely love being with you. Their face lights up when they see you, and you know they really like you and enjoy your company. You could ask, “Why do you like being with me?” and they would have a long list of wonderful attributes to describe you.
They have many great positive relationships in their life – with family and friends. They reveal good family values, have a positive relationship with their parents, siblings and children. They have long-term friends, who think highly of love, and serve as a support system if needed.
They are emotionally available to you – and not separated or have any other baggage keeping them from a commitment to you. They are confident in themselves, and can easily express who they are and how they feel without worrying about what anyone else thinks. You feel they are a great catch – the “whole package” – and are happy with where they are at in all life sphere’s.
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