Seven Ways To Enhance Your Love Relationship


By: Laura Norman Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers
On Feb. 14th much of the world celebrates romantic love. A celebration that can be “lovely” when your relationship is in a great place. If your love relationship has been losing its luster, here are seven ways you can put the bloom back into your relationship:
Communicate: Talk about the little things as well as the big things. Show genuine curiosity. Really see and hear what your loved one is saying. Listen for what’s not being said, and pick up on body language and other visual cues. There may be something important going on that’s just beneath the surface. Uncover and talk through these hidden “nuggets” to strengthen your relationship.
Do Things Together: Each of you deserve time to pursue your own interests. Yet, to keep love blooming, be sure to set times for doing things together you both enjoy–including “romance” time for just the two of you. And laugh together! Humor is a powerful tonic for healthy relationships.
Apologize: Even the best relationships have had moments of friction. If you were even a little bit wrong, apologize. It releases tension, like letting air out of a balloon. And even when you’re sure you’re right, let your partner discover that on their own. The truth is, there’s far less need for apologies when you pause and think instead of speaking!
Know Yourself: Observe your own reactions. People have often reacted strongly when their emotional “buttons” were pushed, which are often connected to something in their past. As the person closest to you, your loved one may do something today that pushes one of those buttons. Before you react, pause and consider the real source of what you are feeling now. Just the act of pausing first can help defuse your negative feelings.
Express Appreciation:  Remember to say how much you appreciate what your partner does for you, even when it’s expected. Feeling appreciation creates the same vibration as expressing love, and helps your relationship thrive and grow.
Take Action: What can you do to help your special someone? Do the dishes, run an errand, offer to drive—without being asked! When you focus more on what you can give than on what you receive, you create an environment where love flourishes.
Stay “In Touch”: Hold hands, hug or cuddle, exchange massages. Sex is great, and nonsexual touch is just as important to keep your relationship warm and loving.
I recommend exchanging reflexology sessions as a wonderful way to nurture each other and enhance intimacy. Touching the feet, hands, face and ears is very intimate, yet not invasive. Reflexology clears your mind of distractions and reduces tension in your body so you are open and relaxed. In that state of deep relaxation, communication comes more effortlessly. Things we’ve kept bottled up can be spoken. An apology or an “I love you” is easier to say or receive.
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