Shed Sessions continues at Spady Museum this month


By: David DiPino Contributing Writer
Shed Sessions at the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum founder Ian Caven has brought Delray’s newest open-mic to a community neighborhood in heart of the city.
“This is uniquely the Spady Museum. The opening night we had about 50 people show up. Everyone is welcome as in any open-mic, musicians, drummers and we’ll collaborate,” Caven said.
Entry into Shed Sessions is just $10 and free for any musician who brings an instrument and signs up to perform during the open-mic. Shed Sessions take place every second Wednesday of the month. The next Shed Sessions is from 8-11 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 12, at Spady Cultural Heritage Museum, 170 NW 5th Ave., in Delray Beach.
“Musicians can sign up and bounce right in,” Caven said.
Caven and his Alchemy Band can groove on many tunes across the rolling musical landscape. Alchemy band features the booming bass sound of Jimmy Copeland on bass guitar, talented time keeper and inventive Tova Lovely on drums and the creative rock, soul, rhythm and blues undertones string picking and picking courtesy of Beto Rubanelli on guitar. Adding to the Alchemy mix is the addition of DJ Robb Roa and DJ Fono.
The term Shed Sessions was coined to describe a place set-up in community neighborhoods where Caven said “people come to bang out licks and make noise.”
“Drummers are huge parts of the gospel community,” Caven said.
A food truck will be on-site at Shed Sessions to fill the hunger and craves good vibes and music ignite in the soul.
For more information on the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum visit (click on blue Shed Session on the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum website) or for the Shed Sessions visit – and on the Alchemy Band and Artist Showcase –
On Oct. 5, the Alchemy Band will be at the Chef vs. Chef Finals at Max’s Harvest, 169 NE 2nd Ave., Delray Beach. The event starts at 5 p.m.
“At Max’s Harvest our Alchemy Band will be doing a Roots Hip-Hop Tribute. The Roots are one of my favorite bands.”