Shuttle service reinstated at Lake Delray Apartments


Shuttle service has resumed for Lake Delray Apartment residents.

The service resumed this summer after the senior residents were about to lose the public transportation service.

Palm Beach County Commissioner Robert Weinroth and Delray Housing Group (DHG) Board Member Ezra Krieg, negotiated with PalmTran to reinstate bus service to the complex.

On July 25, the inaugural shuttle bus made its first stop in front of 1050 Dotterel Road. Residents were waiting and had signs thanking PalmTran for the shuttle.

The next day, there was a reception at the complex clubhouse to thank Commissioner Weinroth and Krieg, as well as to present both with awards for their hard work and dedication in getting the residents of Lake Delray Apartments a shuttle.

In 2018, notices were put up at the bus stops for the then Route 80 bus on Dotterel Road and Audubon Blvd that there would no longer be bus service.  The closure of these bus stops affected approximately 460 senior citizens who reside at Lake Delray Apartments.

After hearing about this issue, Krieg arranged for a meeting with Palm Beach County Commissioner Robert Weinroth and representatives of Delray Housing Group, Jakeleen Fernandez and Shirley Erazo.

DHG Board Member Kreig and County Commissioner Weinroth reached out to PalmTran on numerous occasions in order to ascertain what progress was made and to facilitate the establishment of the circulator bus.

In June 2019, PalmTran contacted the Lake Delray Apartments site staff wanting to start the shuttle on July 1, 2019 and have it stop in front of 1010 and 1050 Dotterel Road and go to Publix only.

“We want to thank DHG Board Member Krieg and County Commissioner Weinroth, along with the representatives of PalmTran for reinstating this shuttle,” said Dorothy Ellington, President Delray Housing Group. “It is so important for our residents to be able to maintain a certain amount of independence and this shuttle will provide them with that opportunity.”