Sick Puppies Comedy troupe to perform in Delray, Boca


Staff report

Looking to laugh? You can now catch a Sick Puppies Comedy performance in Delray Beach.

The longtime Boca improv and comedy group is now putting on shows at the Doghouse Theater, 105 NW Fifth Ave.

“We have been homeless for the last year and a half,” Sick Puppies founder and director Casey Casperson said. “We are super excited to have a home.”

Casperson started Sick Puppies in 2012 after a group he was performing with in Miami Lakes called Laughing Gas went out of business.

He invited 13 people he knew to audition for a new troupe and they began Sick Puppies Comedy in Boca Raton. Since then, they were located in two theaters in Boca, one in east Boca for a few years before moving to a space in West Boca.

When their space in West Boca went out of business, they bounced around to various venues including Organic Movements, a dance studio in Boca.

They have also added Delray’s Doghouse Theater as a performance venue and plan to put on shows in several locations.

Doghouse Theater is owned and operated by Tom Neile, an original member of Sick Puppies Comedy.

Currently, Sick Puppies Comedy’s professional cast consists of seasoned improvizationists and comedians who have been working together for over 5 years.

They also offer classes to people who want to learn more about improv or stand up comedy.

In its height, the group had 60 students and 30 active cast members. Casperson said the group is working its way back up to those numbers and has about 17 active cast members and 30 students.

They will have improv shows every Saturday and in the coming months every Friday and Saturday night. Classes will be offered monthly.

“If you’ve never seen an improv show it’s a must to try it because they make everything up on the spot,” he said.

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