A Sit Down With Fashion Designer Adolfo Dominguez


Spanish fashion designer Adolfo Dominguez recently stopped by his Boca Raton store in the Town Center Mall. We had a chance to sit down with him and ask him a few questions on his brand and the direction of the fashion industry.

Here is what he had to say:

  1. How/why did you decide to open a location in Boca Raton?
  2. It is close to Miami where we opened to attract South American shoppers. It was time to move further north.
  3. We understand it is your first time visiting Boca. What are your thoughts on the city? 
  4. It is very cold, he said of the mall and the air conditioning. He said he is used to Europe where most places lack air conditioning. He said it is so nice to be outside.
  5.  Tell us about your new line. What is the inspiration behind it? 
  6. I prefer to design styles not trends. I design things that last in time, things you can keep in your wardrobe. One of the best selling pieces is he something I designed 40 years ago. I always love designing dresses. There are endless possibilities with dresses. They are so easy to wear, so feminine. Everything has to be comfortable. I use a lot of linens and light materials that stretch. You can almost do gymnastics in them.
  7. What was it like dressing the cast of Miami Vice?
  8. It happened to us. We didn’t look for it. Two stylists came in to the store in London and bought everything. They kept coming for two years. We didn’t even know Miami Vice existed. The show came to Spain seven years later. We weren’t aware of the extent of the show.
  9. What does the fashion world look like now and where is it heading? 
  10. Clothes are moving toward comfort and functionality. We dress in a way where everyone can look comfortable and feel fresh all day. The fashion industry is moving toward more sustainability in fabrics. There is an obligation and we should be responsible.