SLAM Academy To Open In West Boca In Time For New School Year


Staff report

If your child is interested in pursuing a career in sports, there is a new charter school opening in West Boca Raton with a focus on combining lessons with sports.

SLAM Academy, which stands for Sports, Leadership, Arts and Management will open a new location at 22500 Hammock St. in August.

SLAM is currently operating locally in West Palm Beach and Miami and by this year will have a total of 10 locations in three states.

The concept began a decade ago with the first academy opening in 2012, Director of Academics Alex Tamargo said.

Tamargo said the concept of combining sports with learning stemmed from the success performing arts schools were having with artistically inclined students.

The idea was take the concept the schools were using of merging drums lessons and ballet classes with math and social studies, but with opportunities in the sports field.

“We started developing the SLAM curriculum,” Tamargo said. “It uses sports to engage the student.”

For example, the story of MacBeth will be tied to the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding olympic scandal, he said. The school focuses on a project-based learning concept.

“Everything we teach revolves around the sports industry,” he said. “We infuse sports into the curriculum to hook the students. We have seen tremendous success.”

The academy offers three different sports related tracks, Sports Marketing and Entertainment, Sports Medicine with a focus on Athletic Training and Sports Broadcasting with radio and television production.

The school has its own Sirius XM radio station and a partnership with PGA where students are involved with their social media channels.

And you don’t have to be an athlete to attend the school.

Principal Matt Bieule said there are so many opportunities relating to sports that don’t actually involve playing the game.

“Marketing, management, law, medicine, there are so many moving pieces behind sports,” Bieule said. “The goal is of the school is to be a partner in the community and develop students who are life-long learning whether they play sports or not.”

The school is currently acceptation applications from those interested in attending for the upcoming school year. The school houses students in grades 6-12.

Bieule said the school’s capacity is about 1,600 students, but it will get to that number gradually. The first several years, they will accept about 200-300 students per grade level.

Applications are currently being accepted for students entering 6th grade through 12th grade at or call 561-299-6969.