Small Plates Make Big Statement at Ceviche

Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant is the latest addition to the bustling downtown Delray dining scene. This hip new restaurant is located just off Atlantic Avenue in the historic old location of the Falcon House, also a Delray favorite. Ceviche’s menu is an adventurous journey through Spain. Come hungry and take your time. Order in stages so you don’t get everything all at once. The tapas, or small plates, come out of the kitchen as they are made so forget everything you know about traditional appetizer, salad and dinner dining. Ceviche is all about sharing. It is loud. It is chaotic. It is definitely a cultural experience. The energy of this place is so intoxicating you feel like you have escaped to a place far, far away. Ceviche provides free valet parking and serves their entire menu late night. When we say late, we mean LATE! They serve dinner until Midnight Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and until 2AM on the weekends. Remember in Spain where they don’t go out until 10PM, that’s Ceviche. Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant began as a single restaurant in Tampa in the late nineties and gradually expanded to St. Petersburg, Orlando, Clearwater, Sarasota and now Delray. It is still family owned and operated.