Spike My Pineapple: An Interview with Claudia and Rose

The Woo, a regular contributor to The Pineapple, and half of the monthly series “Drew and The Woo,” interviews Rose Washington and Claudia Cruz before the National EVP Volleyball Tournament in Delray Beach.
The Woo: So how did you two meet?
Rose: One day, I saw Claudia and her husband Julian playing volleyball on the beach in Delray. I asked if I could rent one of their balls and naturally, they let me.
The Woo: So Claudia – you and your husband rent volleyballs on the beach?
Claudia: (Laughing) No, no. Rose means borrow, not rent.
Rose: Yes. Borrow.
The Woo: Well, I guess that leads into my next question – where are you two ladies from?
Claudia & Rose: Brazil!
Rose: That is actually how we came to bond so quickly in Delray Beach. We had a lot in common from day one. Within two weeks of meeting, we played in our first tournament together. I believe it was the “Florida Beach Volleyball Tournament.”
Claudia: Right! In Hollywood. It was quite the big event to bring a fresh team to.
The Woo: I bet. How many tournaments did you two play in that first year?
Claudia: I think about 7 or 8.
Rose: We did pretty well for our first year. But it was the second year when we really started to mesh. We again played in 8 tournaments – winning 4 of them!
Claudia: We made it to the finals in all 8.
The Woo: Wow. You two are like the Miami Heat of volleyball. You took a year to get your game down and then in year two – Bam!
Claudia & Rose: What?
The Woo: You know… The Miami He- nevermind. So tell our readers a little bit about the EVP National Championships Delray Beach will be hosting this month.
Rose: The EVP, or Extreme Volleyball Professionals, Championship is the culmination of a years worth of tournaments that are held all around the country.
Claudia: Each team represents their city, and this year they’ll be traveling to Delray Beach to battle for the EVP Championship!
The Woo: Wow! I hope Delray Beach has a good team.
Rose: What?!?! Of course they have a good team.
Claudia: They have a great team. They have us!
The Woo: Well this interview just got far more interesting. I just thought I was interviewing a few of the better looking beach bums that make up Delray’s large volleyball community. Word on the street is that you two play volleyball seven days a week and that your average training session could stand up to a Rocky montage.
Rose: We don’t know who Rocky Montage is, but we get pretty serious on Tuesdays and Thursdays when it comes to conditioning and strength training.
Claudia: You should join us sometime
The Woo: I would, but I burn easily. So lets get down to what everyone is talking about. The rematch between Team Delray Beach and last year’s champs, Megan Wallin and Chara Harris. If I am not mistaken, you two took them to overtime in one of the more heated matches of last year’s EVP Tour.
Claudia: Lets just say it was a good game and…
Rose: There’s no love lost between the two teams.
The Woo: Oh. So you’re out for revenge?
Rose: No. Just out to win the National Championship for Delray Beach.
Claudia: And maybe get a little revenge while we’re at it.
Support your hometown team, Claudia and Rose at the 2012 EVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour Championships on September 22, 2012. Come out and watch the top City vs City athletes battle it out for National recognition and then stay for the Claudia & Rose After Party at Bostons On The Beach at 6pm as well as the EVP Awards Social from 8pm to 11pm presented by Seagate Hotel & Spa. For more information go to www.evptour.com or contact the Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative at smartin@delraybeach.com.