Spodak Dental Group giving “Day of Free” dental care on to active military members, families


By: David DiPino Contributing Writer
For the third consecutive year, Dr. Craig Spodak and his team will host a “Day of Free” on Thursday, September 8, offering dental care to active military members and their families during the Annual Freedom Day USA, at Spodak Dental Group, 3911 W. Atlantic Ave. Dr. Spodak was recently interviewed on Doctors Are People Too… iHeartRadio Show on WNN 1470 AM in Boca Raton and available globally on the iHeartRadio app and the AMP2.TV You Tube channel.
“Freedom Day USA is a national network of affiliated businesses and it’s a way for us as civilians to give back to the men and women who are doing so much and giving service to our country and also to their families. As a veteran of the military you may have access to medical and dental care but your family sometimes won’t,” said Dr. Craig Spodak, a dentist, and owner of Spodak Dental Group.
“It’s a day of national charity where we can give back.”
A friend of Dr. Spodak’s, Dr. Bob Martino started Freedom Day in West Virginia and it has grown quite rapidly. More information can be found at: www.freedomdayusa.org.
“It’s a way to give back to those people who give so much back to us. It’s really touching,” said Dr. Spodak.
Last year, Dr. Spodak and his team helped a man with dental care that had lost his leg limbs in Fallujah, Iraq.
“At the time he was working on a private defense contract for the military and he wasn’t covered. He had no dental care and no prosthetic legs. We were instrumental in getting both of those (life necessities) for him,” said Dr. Spodak.
“A smile is a form of expression. Everybody smiles in every language. It doesn’t matter what quarter of the planet you go to when you flash your smile and it’s nice and your proud of it, it means something. Smiling is a form of communication so we never underestimate the power of a smile.”
Any member of the military can register or find more information for Freedom Day USA at www.spodakdental.com or www.facebook.com/spodakdental.
According to SpodakDental.com, Spodak Dental Group has been an honored participant since its inception.
He said, Freedom Day USA is held nationwide on the second Thursday in September and in honor of this day, Spodak Dental Group gives veterans, active military members and their family’s free cleanings, exams, fillings, x-rays, treatment for tooth pain, and extractions. According to SpodakDental.com, year after year, Spodak Dental Group is able to help more veterans and military members and provide comprehensive dental care, which often totals more than $80,000 in work.
“It is so rewarding to be able to give back to those men and women who have given and continue to give so much to ensure our freedom,” said Dr. Craig Spodak, owner of Spodak Dental Group. “It’s a great feeling to say “Thank You” to our military members by providing exceptional dental care and make sure everyone leaves with a healthy mouth, which is so important to their overall health and wellness.”
According to SpodakDental.com, as of 2016, Dr. Craig has the honor of serving on the Freedom Day USA’s National Committee so he can bring even more awareness to this great event.
If you know of a Veteran or active military member who would benefit from this event, please have them call Spodak Dental Group at 561-498-0050 to make an appointment.