How To Stay Healthy During Cold And Flu Season


By: Laura Norman Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

Winter, the season for colds, flu and other respiratory infections, is in full swing. While we can enjoy the warmth here in south Florida, we are not immune to this seasonal onslaught. In fact, the CDC says this flu season is the worst we’ve seen in many years.

Yet, the controversy around flu vaccines continues—with many authorities advising that the vaccines are safe and everyone should be vaccinated as a public health measure—while others feel that choosing whether to vaccinate is a personal decision, with some questioning whether flu shots are necessary, effective, or safe.

With all the noise, how do you keep yourself, your family and your community healthy?

First, do your research using reliable sources. Ask questions and discuss your concerns with your doctor. Whether or not you choose to be vaccinated, there’s much you can do to bolster your immune system—your first defense against colds and flu—naturally:

Get enough sleep – for most people 7 to 8 hours a night is restorative.

Eat healthy –  a diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps your body’s defenses. And grandma was right! Research shows that chicken soup helps to reduce congestion.

Alkalize – keeping your internal environment on the alkaline side of the pH scale helps to defend against flu and colds. Among the best foods to help your body stay alkaline are citrus fruits, especially lemons, and dark green vegetables. Although citrus fruits are acidic, they create an alkaline response in your body. Start each day with some fresh lemon juice in water to help you “alkalize.”

Exercise sensibly – regular exercise has been shown to boost your immune system.

Find ways to relax and minimize stress – stress weakens your immune system and, if allowed to linger, leaves your body open to illness and disease. Medical research, case studies and client testimonials demonstrate the power of reflexology to relieve stress, improve energy and boost your immune system. Reflexology is profoundly relaxing, and has been shown to improve many health conditions including chronic pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, constipation, PMS, pregnancy, menopause and more.

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