Students Awarded for Winning Statewide Youtube Contest


The challenge was issued by the Florida Bar and its Law Related Education Committee. Create a two to four minute video from topics covered in the Legal Guide for New Adults to promote interest in the law and its traditions through research, participation, and ingenuity. Two groups of students from the Recording Arts Academy at South Tech Academy in Boynton Beach met that challenge, and won the $500.00 first place prize and the third place prize. They received their awards from members of the Florida Bar at a ceremony held at South Tech Academy in Boynton Beach this past June 13. The grand prize winning group of five students created a rap song and video that covered all the topics contained in the Legal Guide for New Adults. They wrote lyrics based on the information found in the legal guide, recorded and arranged an original music track, recorded their vocals, mixed the song, and produced and filmed the music video. They accomplished all this in just a month and a half. The group received an engraved plaque and a check for $500.00. The third place winning group created a video about a magical lawyer that appears out of nowhere whenever a teen has a question about how the laws change when you turn eighteen. They will be receiving an engraved plaque. Videos from all around the state of Florida were sent to the law related education committee at the Florida Bar in Tallahassee this past Spring. The videos were then uploaded to the Florida Bar’s YouTube Channel, and a panel of judges voted on all the videos. Videos were judged on creativity, originality, theme adherence, and quality.