Summer flower growing


By: Jeannie Fernsworth
Special to the Delray Newspaper
Sunflowers may tower over the rest of the flowers in the garden but Mexican zinnias take the cake. Zinnias are fiesta colored, they look like the colored skirts Mexican women wear to party. Combine them with roses and some pretty fragrant apple mint and you have a wonderful garden bouquet. Everything including summer salads go better with flowers. They just seem so fresh, so lifestyle magazine cover, so graceful that you actually feel cool, clean and pretty. Prickly roses in antique pink and summer hot red just seem to sing a salsa or meringue or perhaps, Happy Days are here again. Hold a summer bower, nosegay or tussie mussie and any Victorian lady would swoon. Flowers are the language of courtship and of I’m sorry and contrite, and of thank you so very much.
Summer flower growing is a favorite task of children at The Delray Beach Children’s Garden. Flowers tame the boys as they pause to admire them in the middle of their busy summer fort building and girls just giggle at the sight of a flower close up. I mean really close up, nose in the middle of the flower close up. So close, the petals brush their cheeks like soft cotton. You don’t get that close to flowers from Publix.
Girls understand how to dress like flowers. Who wouldn’t want to look like a flower? Layers of fabric, colors that not even the rainbow has thought of, and standing up straight up and tall with color and fragrance that will twirl you eyeballs like pinwheels. Yessir! Girls get their fashion clues from flowers.
How could you possibly just grow something so marvelous as a flower?
Zinnias grow easily from seed and take about six weeks from seed to flower. You might have to wait that long for a dentist appointment so why not grow a zinnia while you wait for a tooth cleaning.
Antique varieties of roses just bloom and bloom and bloom. DBCG has a small clustered bush pink flower that can only be described as sweet and pink. They love a good composted rich soil and semi shade.
Miniature red roses are a little prickly but that makes the reward of reaching to pick them all the more fun. They have those thorns because they are protecting their flowers for you. Not just any random member of the animal kingdom can have them. You have to have gloves and clippers to harvest those beauties. They like to grow in full on hot summer sun. They are sometimes hot to touch they absorb so much heat. No wonder they could sing a meringue, red roses are the hot mamas of the fiesta. Miniature red roses are easy, sun, water and good composted soil. Voila!