Summer Tones


By: Christine King Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

Oh, sweet Florida Summer. The myriad of tones and color in the sky and sea, the hot white sand scattered with colorful umbrellas and beachgoers of all ages, types, and sizes, and…the dreaded bathing suit.

In addition to the bathing suit, the bonus of excessive humidity leads us to light weight clothing and sleeveless dresses and tops every chance we find. As the heat begins to invade our world, panic sets in and thoughts turn to the current state of our body.

Not to worry, as starting today there are immediate measures to implement and quickly capture some tone in your life!  You’ll feel better about wearing lighter and less fabric in all styles of attire.

You’ve heard it a thousand times; spot training is a fantasy. So let’s just get it out of the way right now. A form of cardio or circuit style of functional training that keeps your heart rate up to burn fat is a necessity.

Onto the toning. For Summer Tones, there are a few methods to tuck away in your secret toolbox, including Super Sets.

Women in particular worry about the appearance of their triceps. (Lovingly referred to as “bat wings,” “bye-bye muscles” and other “funny,” self-deprecating terms.)

To attack those arms and give them a boost simply stack a couple of triceps exercises back to back. For example:

-Chair Dips and Dumbbell or Tube Kickbacks

-Skull Crushers with dumbbells or tubing and Triceps Extension with cables or tubing

Perform one set of each movement and instead of resting go to a lower body exercise. Then repeat the Triceps Super Set.

I’d be remiss to not discuss abs. Everyone on the planet wants flat abs. Overtraining the abdominals is not recommended. It is a muscle group like the others and requires a day of rest in between training. Also, using functional activities gives your abs plenty of attention, so for now take peace and have faith that your abs will get plenty of work.

So let’s quickly move to the second most asked about area by both men and women…thighs and legs.  Women want to tone; men statistically avoid training their legs at all costs, however, equally hate to see sagging skin.

The same Super Set principle holds true for fabulous legs.  For example:

-Use a reasonable pair of dumbbells for a lunge and biceps curl (multitasking is always beneficial).  Piggyback that with traveling side step squats using dumbbells or a core ball.

The Super Set method can be used to attack any area you find problematic.

Other Secrets:

Spend five to ten minutes in the sun without sunscreen to soak up the benefits of vitamin D.  Second, use one of the fabulous, healthy self-tanners that give you an instant beautiful tone of glow. You’ll look like you’ve just been kissed by the sun. At the last International Spa Association Conference in Las Vegas, I found several brands. One of my favorites, Hampton Sun, Smart Serious Sunbathing, offers many options for instant tone. The No-Rub Sunless Tanning Mist is amazing. It’s an easy to apply, no streak, at-home spray tan. The Airbrush Bronzing Mist is a beautiful, no commitment bronzing spray. It dries like a powder and washes off in an instant! The rest of their line is luxurious, simple to use and illuminates your new “tones.”

Following the above advice will quickly help to prepare your body to shine. South Florida summers are a gift meant to be enjoyed by all who live here. Traffic is diminished, restaurants aren’t as busy, and the locals are simply more relaxed. Take delight in this summer with your new tones!  You’ll look and feel better and take great pleasure in this paradise called South Florida.

Christine King is a Medical Exercise Specialist, Fitness Expert, and Founder & CEO of YourBestFit. The health and wellness company has helped thousands of clients recover from injuries, look and feel better and improve their overall well-being.