Sweet Deal: 32 Bubbles Brings Eclectic Ice Cream Goodness On Its Truck


By: Natalya Jones Contributing Writer

If you comb through Instagram you may see Boca locals holding up filtered pictures of ice cream scoops sitting in a folded waffle cone. You may even notice bright colors for the waffles and elaborate accoutrements such as pocky sticks, Oreos, various syrups, Fruity Pebbles and much more.

This diabetic dream is brought to residents by 32 Bubbles, a food truck that operates throughout South Florida. Customers can indulge in flavors such as Crazy Brownie (Vanilla waffle, dulce de leche ice cream, homemade brownie, candied walnuts, condensed milk), Snickers Waffle (Chocolate waffle, vanilla ice cream, honey roasted peanuts, Snickers pieces, caramel and milk chocolate sauce) and strawberry shortcake (Strawberry waffle, vanilla shortcake ice cream, fresh strawberries, berry sauce, strawberry pocky stick and whipped cream).

“We are always working on new flavor ice creams as well as combinations of flavors to offer via our truck,” said Andrew Whiteman, owner and operator. “We do seasonal specials like Pumpkin and Sweet Potato during the holiday season…32 Bubbles will also be launching new products like dry snack waffle bars and waffle chips in the upcoming months.”

So how did 32 Bubbles start?

“32 Bubbles was really started with the idea of bringing something fun and new to the South Florida community. We enjoy having something everyone can be a part of and share with family and friends,” Whiteman said. “Especially in the Boca Raton area, we have really been able to become part of the community and get to participate in local events with the city, schools, and local businesses.

As a chef it is great to have a product that we can play with and create treats that make everyone smile. In the end, we hope to create memories for all our guests when they visit our truck…and take home any of our other products.”

Follow 32 Bubbles on Instagram @32bubbles to see where the truck will be next. Visit 32Bubbles.com.