Tales From The Mat: The Yoga Chronicles


They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Regardless of what you are learning or whom you are learning from, the right teacher can make a mundane subject seem exciting or give a light topic more depth. Yoga is no exception to the rule. When teaching a yoga class, you must be part showman, energetic-but calm, aware of all your students yet keeping a class on pace and most of all have a passion for Yoga. A prime example of the ideal teacher is Rob Candelario Jr. Whether its Power Yoga or his famous Yin class, there is something distinct about Rob’s class that gives off a clear indication of his love and knowledge of Yoga. He can explain the asanas and value of yoga in a way that resonates with the advanced and the beginner student all in the same class. He was kind enough to be apart of this month’s Tales From the Mat: Rob Candelario Jr. Hi Robert! Tell us about yourself. My name is Robert Candelario Jr. and I was born in San Antonio, Tx and have lived in South Florida the past 14 years, currently I live in Boca Raton. I’m a 500 hr Certified Yoga teacher trained in Vinyasa Krama and Yin Yoga and I teach on average about 20 classes a week of Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Meditation, between Delray and Ft Lauderdale. I also do privates with many different body types, needs, and challenges like anything from athletic types working on advanced postures to helping people that have dealt with strokes. I embrace the challenge and know that the bottom line is we are all looking for either a healing or some type of break through and Yoga is a great vehicle for that kind change and transformation to take place. Why is Yoga such an important part of your life? What makes Yoga so important to me is the transformation that took place in my life that I never thought was possible. I was very reluctant to start as I thought it was not going to do anything for me physically, that the gym wasn’t already doing for me. But I was wrong. The first class I did was the toughest thing I ever did in my life and pretty much-stayed in child’s pose for 1/3 of the class but I loved the way I felt in that room. As time progressed about 4 years later I had dropped 75lbs and was in the best health of my life. My posture was corrected, my foot shrunk from a 11 to a 9.5 in due to my arches lifting again, and my skin cleared up, and I became fit. Mentally I became calmer and things just didn’t bother me like they used to and I felt so lite, the weight of the World came off my shoulders. I was sold, feeling better than I ever did I wanted to share this amazing experience with everyone so that’s when I decided I wanted to share the Miracle of Yoga by becoming a teacher. That’s was the best thing I ever did because I have been blessed to meet so many amazing people and share in their miraculous breakthroughs, I feel like the luckiest person alive. Doing what I do brings me so much joy that I’m often told I’m the happiest person they have ever seen. When you have found your passion and purpose in life honestly, how can you not smile and be beaming. What advice would you give to someone new to Yoga? If your new to Yoga and you would like to try it, the advice I would tell you is to show up for yourself, do the work, stay kind to yourself, learn to push and to let go in a balanced manner, while releasing attachments to outcome. Everyone comes to Yoga for the stretch, if you look at the word stretch, it means to open, to expand, pulling away from tightness, tension, constriction and limitation, see if you can find that opening in every pose and maybe in time you can bring that opening off the mat and incorporate it in your daily life. And of-course never judge your 1st chapter with someone’s 20th chapter, wherever your at in your practice of yoga, it is perfect because in that point you can grow and expand both physically and mentally, that’s the perfection of it. Favorite quote to live by? My favorite Quote that I live by is actually the definition of Yoga found in the ancient text The Sutras of Patanjali 1:3.” Yoga is the ability to hold on to focus and concentration without being disturbed and distracted from internal (mind, body) or external influence (people, events, etc)”. This quote reminds me that when we are living in our purpose connected to our highest self, disturbances and distractions stop having power over us. We sometimes get confused thinking that we are our problems, but we are not, we are bigger than that. Are natural state is peace, calm and blissful! What we do in Yoga is let go of all the disturbances and distractions that have us pulled away from our “self’. SO when we say rise up to the high self we mean the “You” that is no longer disturbed or distracted. Where can we catch one of your classes? I teach at Yoga Aura, LIV Yoga Institute, Barkan, Pilates of Boca, The Yoga Joint South, Juliana’s Art of Yoga. Check out David Ramoy’s website for class times and more. www.davidramoy.com Davidramoy@gmail.com