Tales From The Mat: The Yoga Chronicles


By David J. Ramoy The Pineapple Contributing Writer I didn’t have to think too hard when making the decision to become a Yoga instructor. There wasn’t a vision of Shiva, or conversation with a Buddhist monk on a mountaintop, but rather simply attending a class at a hot yoga studio in Delray Beach. Defeated physically, tested on every level mentally and emotionally, my first class at Hot Yoga of Delray surpassed all of my expectations. There was music and passion, plus twists and holds way beyond the 26 postures I’ve come to know. The teachers were smiling and engaging, while the owner, Jane Schreier, was glowing with warmth (pun intended). I walked out of class that day, much like finding a soul mate, I just knew. Hi Jane! Please tell us about yourself. My name is Jane Schreier, and I have been the proud owner of Hot Yoga of Delray from its inception when we opened our doors back in June of 2008. My personal journey into yoga actually began after receiving some disturbing news. After seeing an osteopath for knee pain I was having, it was explained to me the jogging I had been doing for many years had become a detriment to my knees. If I continued my routine I would need a knee replacement. So there I was faced with needing a new way to exercise (for both my physical and mental health). Not one for lifting weights or doing Aerobics, I began taking an informal yoga class here and there. I enjoyed the focus on breathe and liked that I was stretching – something I knew to be good for me. Then I did my first Hot Yoga class. This was like nothing else I had experienced ever before! It seemed as if I had discovered an entire new way of exercising, one that quickly became one of my most favorite activities. It had lead me to become a healthier and happier person and I let anyone who would listen know how wonderful the benefits of Hot Yoga could be for them too (what my friends and family would come to know as “The Recruitment Session”). Why did you believe it was your calling to open up a Yoga Studio? Well as it turned out, all this talking about Yoga was predestination of what was to be. All of the benefits I touted about Hot Yoga that I wanted to share with others pushed me to do something drastic. Instead of just talking about Yoga, I was going to actually provide Yoga to people in the community. I figured that with my passion and belief in the benefits of Yoga, along with a strong desire to help others (be it with weight-loss, stress management, overcoming injuries, or just better mental and physical fitness) they could best be served if I had a studio of my own. A place where like-minded individuals could congregate to feed off the positive energy for each student’s own well-being. But I knew a key to the studio being a success was having a great team in place – I would need the best teachers around. So I reached out to Matthew Ruggiero (my favorite teacher at the time) and we teamed up. Then we recruited my husband (a CPA) to get on board. We each concentrated on our strengths and made this dream of mine a reality. What about your Yoga Studio stands out from the rest? We focus on people’s happiness, being non-judgmental, non-competitive, and creating a warm (no pun intended) friendly community-like environment. As a practicing student of several years, I was able to take my experiences in Yoga and really concentrate on the Student’s perspective of what they would desire in a studio. We understand that to some, a regular yoga practice is their medicine. We emphasize to our students that this is YOUR class – we are here to guide you, but no one knows you like yourself. And by recognizing and respecting that everyone is a unique individual, each with their own path, we encourage students to do what benefits them (all the while being mindful and respectful to their fellow classmates), not to focus on what they look like in the room – or getting into the final pose. Favorite quote to live by. Attitude is everything. If we have the right attitude there is nothing we cannot accomplish. The sky isn’t the limit – your belief system is. What is the best part about being a yoga teacher/studio owner? The best part of owning a Studio and being a Yoga Teacher for me is getting to watch people’s lives change and flourish in so many ways. Assisting people in their journey to find their own personal empowerment and happiness (specifically seeing people who are not the healthiest become the best they can internally and externally – the truest mind and body connection) has been one of the most satisfying experiences of any work I have ever done. It is this that drives me to continually make each class my students have at Hot Yoga of Delray be a positive in their life. Namaste. Please check out our website! www.hotyogaofdelray.com On a personal note, Jane has been kind and welcoming to me since the first day I met her. I have always felt appreciated as a student at Hot Yoga of Delray. My mom, who recently passed away from leukemia, originally introduced me to Hot Yoga of Delray. She always spoke very highly of the studio and how much love she had for Jane. No matter your age or current fitness level, this studio makes you feel right at home. The biggest tribute to a studio is how you feel when you leave. Speaking for myself, I felt good enough to want to teach. That is a true testament to Hot Yoga of Delray, the teachers and especially to Jane. Namaste Check out David Ramoy’s website for class times and more. www.davidramoy.com      Davidramoy@gmail.com