The Food Introduces Sophia Lieuw-Kie-Song


That’s right, The Food Beat.Com has officially introduced the new Kulinary Kidd, Sophia Lieuw-Kie-Song. Sophia takes over for the original Kulinary Kidd, Nathanael Clayton, who recently moved to Colorado. Sophia recognizes she has big shoes to fill, but she’s confident she can help showcase Delray Beach Restaurants for the ultimate restaurant search engine, The Food Beat. “We were all disappointed when Nathanael moved, but equally enthused about finding Sophia. “She is just perfect for the show and she has no fear asking the tough questions,” said Food Beat Founder and President, Joe Stout. “This is something I have been preparing for,” said the budding young star. “When I was three years old I had one of those plastic kiddy kitchens, where I would make meals and interview imaginary people…it was my very own pretend cooking show!” Pretend is now officially over as the nine-year-old cooking phenom, Sophia, finds herself conducting interviews with restaurant owners, staff, patrons, and the people that make it happen in the kitchen. The Kulinary Kidd is one of the original programs, produced by The Food Beat, to give people an insider’s look at Delray Beach restaurants, clubs, bakeries, coffee houses, and catering companies. Each program showcases the featured business, their people, their specialties, and what makes them unique. What makes the shows different, is that each one is presented from a different perspective.

The Kulinary Kidd is what a restaurant is all about from a kids view, and why children and families should consider it.

Kids have a big impact on the family buying decision when it comes to food, and The Kulinary Kidd provides the entire family with a clear picture of what to expect. Like all Food Beat programs, the show leans heavily towards off-center while still delivering the details consumers can’t find anywhere else. Interviews with owners, management, staff, chefs…even customers, and behind the scenes, looks tell the story of what makes the business so special. “I have seen some very perplexed looks on the faces of owners when the Kidd fires off one of her bizarre questions, or when we ask them all to join her in the dance scene that closes out each episode,” Stout added. “But once they start having as much fun as our crew, they get into it and have a great time.”

The new Kulinary Kidd episode features La Fiesta Cafe, located on South Federal Highway, just south of Linton Blvd. “I really had a great time filming at La Fiesta,” Sophia said. “Everyone was so nice to me and the food was incredible. My mom and I would have never known it was there, but thanks to The Food Beat, we found a great new place to eat, with really nice people that own it. We will be going back!” The new Kulinary Kidd episode, past/ future episodes, and the other Food Beat Original Programs can be seen any time at The Food Beat is a platform that blends creativity, high definition video, and human interest stories, in a fun, and generally whimsical, manner. Viewers enjoy visually pleasing, in- depth looks at local restaurants, bars, bakeries, caterers, and coffee houses. Advertisers enjoy a comprehensive marketing vehicle that incorporates online searches, couponing, social media, SEO benefits. and HD Video.