The Food Beat’s Food Woofers Visits Casa di Pepe


Hi, my name is Big Joe Stout and I am the host of Food Woofers, “the head to head smack down of chow down” only on the food We visit Delray Beach restaurants that have a knack for significant portions of amazing food and pit two contestants (woofers) to see who can finish first. The winner claims fame, cash, and a full belly. Episode IV took place at a Pineapple Grove treasure . . . Casa di Pepe. Now Casa di Pepe isn’t exactly a typical destination for a Food Woofers episode. Despite the generous portions of amazing Italian food they serve, it’s an uncommon site to see two people pounding a two pound plate of pasta and a man sized meatball for fame and riches. But hey, here at The Food Beat, we like to be different, and we also like great food and great people, and Casa di Pepe is both of those. It all starts with gregarious proprietor Jerry Pepe. Jerry has been in the food business a long time, so you could say it’s in his blood. You could also say his blood is in the restaurant…as in the legendary blood lines of the fabulous family recipes Jerry and his crew pump out six nights a week. Jerry has taken long standing family favorites and added his own twist to create a taste that reflects the present, future, and pasta. It all begins with sauce, and Jerry makes one mean Marinara that acts as the starting point for several of his “ask for more” pasta coverings. The Vodka sauce is one that has people talking for the right reasons, and is the perfect sauce for many of Casa’s pastas. The menu, the service, and the pricing, all make you feel at home and comfortable. Of course you can order a plate of linguini, angel hair, even a five finger pasta, and most of them are made right in Casa’s kitchen. You can bank on satisfying your Jones for Italian with clams, veal, seafood, meatballs, and amazing daily specials that often feature freshly caught fish from neighboring waters. Your meal is complimented with a fine selection of wine or ice cold beer, and after you have completed your indulgence, you should take one more step into joy with a cappuccino and a house-made dessert. And although you will most certainly walk out full, your wallet won’t be as light as you thought. Dinner for two with a bottle of wine can be enjoyed with greater frequency with Casa di Pepe’s “we know how hard you work for your money” pricing. And while the food and beverage is worth the trip, the service and atmosphere will make you part of the family. Whether you are inside in the quaint dining room, or enjoying the Florida weather on the expansive covered patio, you can count on being treated right. Jerry and his staff add a big portion of friendly to every meal, thus making the relaxing simplicity of the Casa di Pepe experience legend. Make sure you watch the Food Woofers episode featuring Casa di Pepe on

Casa di Pepe 189 NE 2nd Ave Delray Beach, FL 33344 (561) 279-7371