The Holidays! Fun? Stress? Both?


By Dr. Marilyn Shore Special to The Pineapple Here it is again. The holidays are upon us. The tree lighting this week, street decorations, parties, lots of shopping, and so much more! I’m not an expert on nutrition, but I do know that there’s a lot of delicious sugar, more carbs, and wine and champagne (also sugar and carbs) tempting our senses. Indulging becomes a norm and willpower is tough during the holidays. Somehow our exercise routine gets stuffed on the back burner, maybe more clothes are piling on the unused treadmill. Relatives and friends are in town, parties become the priority, lots more carbs and champagne, while our behinds remain planted. Then there’s stress! Presents! What to buy? Will they like it? Money pouring out! Pants too tight! Relatives coming in! Or not! Thus, at this busy time we often get “checked out”! So, how do we get “tapped in”, and stay healthy physically, emotionally, mentally during the holidays? First, maybe I should clarify the meaning of checked out and tapped in. Being checked out means being unaware and unconscious of your actions, whether external or internal. Now our actions for other people may be great, eg. helping others in time of need, but I’m talking about your actions toward yourself. If you eat or drink too much, you’re not going to feel well physically and probably not emotionally either. All the stress and lack of exercise may affect your sleep, your mood, and your immune system. But if you’re checked out, you’re likely to continue the pattern. Now let’s get to the tapped in part. Which means being connected, conscious and aware of your external and internal environment. Being tapped in doesn’t exclude having fun, going to parties, and partaking in holiday feasts. But it makes you innately aware of what feels right, and empowers you to make the decisions that support your health, your peace, your joy. So, what are some ways you can get more tapped in. It’s all about getting connected to your source. Your inborn wisdom. Meditation is a powerful resource. Although most people think you have to be siting in a yoga position in a quiet space, there are many ways you can meditate. Going to the beach and watching the sunrise or a walk or run at sunset. It’s all about getting quiet and listening to the voice within that gives you all the answers to support you and know what’s truly right for you. Of course, being a Chiropractor, I make sure my spine is aligned. Not to relieve back pain, but to make sure my nerve system is flowing unimpeded from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, from my very inner core to the outside. When clear and life is fully flowing I am connected to my source, conscious and aware, and my innate guides me in the actions to support myself physically, emotionally and mentally. This is being tapped in! I wish you peace, love and great happiness this holiday season ADIO, Dr. Marilyn Dr. Marilyn Shore welcomes you to Shore Chiropractic. For more info visit the website at, or call her office at 561-278-272