The Image Maker


By Jule Guaglardi The Pineapple Contributing Writer …it’s about the importance of photography in real estate sales – focusing on one photographer and his images of a magnificent Delray Beach home. Extraordinary inspiration can come from anything – a dream, a culture, a kind word, a landscape, even a strong attitude. In this case, the inspiration for Mar Pietra, meaning “Stone of the Sea”, was a cumulative vision, a synergistic marriage of the 1920’s Deering Vizcaya, the exquisite designs of Maurice Fatio, as well as the owner’s own nostalgic memories of his youthful years growing up in Florence and Rome. Now, it is the task, challenge and, in some cases, the responsibility of the image- maker to seize that inspiration and translate it into a captivating vision that can hold a reader in awe. Thierry Dehove, the photographer selected to capture this majestic home on film, has worked intensely in recent years to further refine his capabilities in this challenging arena. He strives to bring to life, on the pages of a magazine, someone’s life’s work, their dream, their abode, and to showcase this work of art, no matter how grand or petite, in a way that will evoke emotion, desire, and in the real estate world – cause the reader to instinctively write a check. Estimated at roughly $35 Million and sitting on 1 and 1/2 acres from ocean to Intracoastal, Mar Pietra is a palatial masterpiece commanding the attention of the road, and all those who pass by trying to absorb the sheer magnificence of the estate. The home is located on A1A in Delray Beach, Florida and encompasses 39,000 square feet of pure opulence. With hand painted ceilings, wood coffer ceilings, and others fitted with classical moldings – staring out, over and up, Thierry is uncertain as to where to begin. With his backpack in place, he moves through this mansion with headphones tucked neatly in his ears. The home’s arches, stairwells and impressive textures dictate the music he chooses to further embrace this incredible vibe. He looks down where slab floors of tone on tone with geometric inlays play on his photographic instincts. He walks endlessly where it switches to book-matched beveled exotic stone and unique patterned aged- wood. He finds marble with mosaic inlays, extensive amounts of hand carved limestone, not to mention 300 natural limestone columns. He peruses through each room discovering custom designed wrought iron railings and spiral staircases leading to hidden libraries. His choices of focus are endless. With his shot list in hand, Thierry selects his arsenal of photo gear and lighting and beginshisprocess.Oncecompleted,after many hours, and sometimes after many days, he switches gears and takes his own photos, the personal ones, the angles he sees most uniquely and brings to life even the smallest detail. Much like a motivational speaker or a religious leader, a talented photographer can sway a nation, a community or a single human being to believe in something. He or she can lure you in, captivate your senses, overtake your emotions and make you fall in love. These are unparalleled tools when making an impression in real estate sales or in any business. Thierry understands this fundamental line of thinking and utilizes these tools when crafting his imagery, both behind the lens and behind his Mac. He is an image-maker and seeker of beauty and Mar Pietra was perhaps his perfect subject – a masterpiece of opulent inspiration! For more information please visit