The Nutrition Goddess Visits Collado’s Market


The Nutrition Goddess

Model, former MMA Ring Card girl, actress, and fitness buff, Edith Labelle is the Nutrition Goddess. On this one of a kind Food Beat program, Edith explores the healthier options of Delray Beach Restaurants and introduces viewers to the people and menu that make eating right delicious. You can see all episodes of The Nutrition Goddess on

When I was first given the assignment to shoot an episode of The Nutrition Goddess at Collado’s Market, my first reaction was…”where is Collado’s Market?” And when I tell people about the episode, they all ask the same question. It’s another one of Delray Beach’s hidden treasures that many people would like to keep that way. It seems the regulars at Collado’s are in favor of keeping their favorite place to eat healthy off the mainstream radar. But based on my experience, once people discover what Collado’s has to offer, the regulars will have to make room for more. So where is it? If you are heading south on Federal, it’s just past the Walgreens on the corner of Lindell and Federal. In fact, it’s a stone’s throw from Boca Raton, but safely in the city limits of America’s most fun city. (3416 South Federal)

The minute you walk in to Collado’s you know you have found deli nirvana. Nearly 30 feet of packed deli cases let you know that variety is in order. Better yet, they are loaded with freshly made salads, fresh fruit, olives, meats, and cheeses. But what really separates Collado’s from the majority of local deli’s are the fun, friendly, and outgoing owners, Felix and Milady. They make you feel right at home and ensure that whatever it is you are ordering is just the way you want it. Every person I spoke to knew Felix and raved about his warm smile and infectious laugh. I found Felix to be handsome, charming, and a bit of a flirt. I thought it was rather bold to ask me on a picnic in the middle of a shoot and with his lovely bride nearby, but how could I resist? (You can see the results of our picnic on The Food Beat)

Naturally, there are plenty of things to choose from that would not be staples of a health conscious diet, but all so tempting. Meteor sized meatballs, salami, lasagna and other not so low fat items are in abundance. But for those seeking the best of both worlds, Collado’s is a veritable universe of heavenly options. As I mentioned earlier, fresh is a central theme. Fruit salads, broccoli rabe, lean turkey, beef, ham, fish and poultry are prepared in a way that lets you eat without guilt. While I was visiting, I spoke to many customers who raved about the healthy eating options that did not require them to sacrifice great taste. Collado’s sandwich menu is remarkable and every creation is made to order, including the sandwich I sampled, “the health nut.” The freshly grilled chicken breast, avocado, lettuce, tomato and a special dressing placed on a bakery fresh roll was sensational. Whether you are ordering a single serving from the deli or any of the menu items, or… buying by the pound to feed the office or the family, the choices and the flavors are endless. In fact, Collado’s Market can cater any size event and even provide a staff to handle all the serving and clean-up. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. Collado’s offers one of the finest selections of wines that are carefully selected by Felix and Milady’s daughter, a wine sommelier from New York. Healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, take-out, catering, select wines and great people are worth searching for, wouldn’t you agree? Collado’s Market has them all, so stop searching and start improving your diet in the most tasteful way imaginable. And yes Delray Beach, Collado’s Market is Goddess approved.