The Unknown Diner Visits Dada


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Editors Note: The Unknown Diner provides Food Beat viewers with the definitive approval of Delray Beach restaurants. Due to events that took place with an organized crime ring in Paris, France in 2011, he disguises his identity and refuses to speak. Despite his egocentricities and mysterious mannerisms, The Unknown Diner is revered for his discriminating pallet. When asked to write a review for a recent visit to Dada, he declined, but allowed us (The Food Beat) to view his legal pad containing the notes he took during his dining experience. We have taken those notes, and added our interpretations to provide this review. 

Target Restaurant: Dada 52 N. Swinton Ave, Delray Beach 561.330.3232 Open 7 days a week: 5pm to 2 am Unknown Diner: Atmosphere… Heterogeneous The Food Beat: UD recognizes Dada as a place where unique forces come together to provide a festive and somewhat “different” dining ambiance. The outdoor seating area is unlike any in the area, complete with brick pavers, trees and lanterns. The house turned restaurant is cozy with a generous dose of hip.

Unknown Diner: Staff… Idiomatic The Food Beat: Apparently, Unknown is pleased with the way Dada allows its staff to be who they are. Friendly and skilled comes in a wide range of styles at Dada, thus adding to the welcoming ambiance. He did not feel out of place or feel unwelcome at any time during his visit. (This is not usually the case)

Unknown Diner: Service…Bonhomie The Food Beat: Unknown thought the level of service at Dada was exceptional and gracious. His waiter, Jason, was knowledgeable, respectful and prompt.

Unknown Diner: Menu… Promethean The Food Beat: He could have easily said pure genius, but his arrogance prompted the use of yet another word with an alarming number of syllables. Not only is the Dada menu diverse, it is priced so anyone can enjoy it. The appetizers often serve as a meal in themselves…the baked brie and the Ahi Tuna Tartar are house favorites and Unknown is particularly fond of the Dada dates wrapped in bacon.

Choosing his entree proved to be a conundrum. Unknown had visited Dada’s website prior to arrival and had narrowed his choices to four amazing dishes; Habanera Glazed Salmon, Crab Cakes, Desi Burger or Bea’s Meatloaf. Just before he was ready to make his selection, his waiter Jason made a most unusual suggestion. “You should really try the Butternut Squash Ravioli.” Rarely would Unknown consider a dish vegetarians would eat, but he had come to trust Jason and took a leap of faith. He wasn’t disappointed. The ravioli was tender and slightly sweet with a rich cream sauce that screamed opulent. The dish also featured freshly steamed asparagus that proved to be the perfect companion for this sensational dish. After finishing every last bite, Jason told him the dish could also be served with chicken and bacon. This too little too late information had a negative impact on Jason’s tip.

Unknown Diner: Bar… Damn! The Food Beat: At last. Unknown drops his pretentiousness and tells it like it is. He has just taken his first sip of Dada’s signature Mojito, made with fresh mint and muddled to perfection. Dada has a full bar and the finest Mojito’s and Long Island Ice Teas in north America.

Unknown Diner: Intangibles… Fanciful The Food Beat: Unknown loved the fact that Dada serves its full menu until 2:00 AM every night of the week. He was also impressed with the nightly entertainment ranging from live music to poetry.

Unknown Diner: Bottom Line… Fork up. Way up. The Food Beat: The Unknown Diner highly recommends Dada. Log on to to see the Unknown Diner’s visit to Dada. Make sure you stick around to the end to hear the incredible ghost story as told by Dada management.