The Wick Theatre Opens Inaugural Season With The Sound of Music


The Wick Theatre, Boca Raton, opened its inaugural season on September 19, 2013 with the beloved Rodgers & Hammerstein classic, The Sound of Music. This selection proves a prescient pick for the new theatre since The Sound of Music is garnering tremendous buzz thanks to the live TV version starring Carrie Underwood scheduled for December. “We are thrilled to bring The Sound of Music to the stage at this time,” said Founder and Executive Director Marilynn Wick. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for South Florida families to enjoy a live performance of this show, and through our costume displays, experience the history behind the legendary production.” The original Rodgers & Hammerstein Broadway production debuted in 1959 with Mary Martin. In 1965, Julie Andrews made the role of Maria an iconic one in the Academy Award-winning film. The December production starring Carrie Underwood and True Blood’s Stephen Moyer will be a live television event, and is expected to remain faithful to the script. “The issues in The Sound of Music are still current,” said Michael Ursua, resident musical director. “There is no need to reconstruct or deconstruct the production. The story line is still fresh and the songs remain in your heart.” The Sound of Music is the story of a young woman, Maria, preparing to become a nun. However, the wise Mother Abbess, believes a life outside the convent would better suit her, so she sends Maria to serve as the governess to seven children of the widowed captain Von Trapp. Maria brings laughter and music to the overly disciplined household, winning the affections of the children along with the captain. However, a rival for his affections and the storm clouds of war bring challenges to Maria’s new life. For Ursua, directing this production has been a joyous experience. “When I was in living in New York, I saw the revival numerous times. The seats were always filled with families of all ages, and even the youngest of children would never lose focus. The kids in the audience really seemed to connect with the kids on the stage,” he said. The Wick production has cast young performers from throughout Florida to star as the Von Trapp children. “They are amazingly talented and terrific to work with,” said Ursua. “And being able to nurture young talent is one of the primary reasons Marilynn Wick opened the theatre. We are so proud to be able to provide these outstanding young performers with this opportunity.” Leading the 28-person cast are the husband and wife team of Krista Severeid and Tony Lawson. Severeid has played the role of Maria before, while this is Lawson’s debut as Captain Von Trapp. “They are so talented, they enjoy working together and their chemistry is truly palpable,” said Ursua. “Which is important, as above all, this is a love story.” Another production highlight is casting Carbonell winner, Lourelene Snedeker as the role of Mother Abbess. “Lourelene is absolutely amazing,” said Ursua. “Her voice is outstanding and when she is joined by the cast of ten nuns for the singing of “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”, it will be a truly rousing finale.” The Sound of Music will run through October 20th. For tickets, subscriptions, upcoming productions and Museum tour information, or call 561-995-2333.