Theatre at Arts Garage 2013-2014 Season


The 2013 –14 Theater at Arts Garage season is a celebration of the most remarkable storytellers and inventive voices in American Theatre. The four-play season, featuring some of the best new work in drama and musical theater, will take you on a thrill ride of laughter, insight, and intrigue. The season opens with a hip, hilarious song cycle from Daniel Maté, followed by a riveting family survival adventure by Carter Lewis. Master playwright Israel Horovitz then reveals the deep emotions of a later-life love story, and the season closes with the satirical retelling of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, set squarely in a contemporary middle-American household. For ticket and season subscription information visit, “Our four new works will tickle your intellect as they tickle your funny bone,” said Artistic Director Lou Tyrrell. “In our roiling, constantly changing world, there is an internal battle we face every day – the need to be part of it all, and the need to be apart from it all. The 2013-14 Season at The Theatre at Arts Garage will satisfy both cravings. It’s a season of engaged escape!” For Tyrrell, selecting the season’s productions is a process he takes very seriously. “These days, I’m looking for plays with the freshest ideas, plays that tell stories about the things that we’re actually going through in our lives right now,” he said. “I’m also interested in an eclectic range and style of work, so that in four visits to the theater, we really experience a variety of plays that satisfy the broadest artistic perspective and taste.” “It is safe to say that there will be no other theater season like this in South Florida,” Tyrrell continued. “Arts Garage is a refuge for the sophisticated theatergoer, the experienced arts patron, and anyone who likes their entertainment smothered with artistic innovation.” THE LONGING AND THE SHORT OF IT November 1 – 24, 2013 Music & Lyrics by Daniel Maté The Longing and the Short of It is an evening of catchy, thrilling, and unpredictable theatre songs in a variety of delightful musical styles, written and composed by acclaimed composer/lyricist Daniel Maté (2013 Kleban Prize for Most Promising Musical Theatre Lyricist.) Six actors play a multitude of relatable characters, all struggling to find love and acceptance, or the nearest available substitute. Whether acting out lustily at a party, running into an ex in a public place and saying all the wrong things, pleading insanity to keep a relationship from ending, or simply enjoying a nice, quiet self-pity party at home, these people all long to feel, in the words of the opening song, “something like okay”. As Tony®-winning actress Victoria Clark has remarked, “These are people trying desperately to connect, mostly getting it wrong, and we love them for it — because that’s us.” This is a song cycle about the hilarious, heart-wrenching, and thoroughly messy business of being human; a new collection of theatre songs for our time.” THE HUMMINGBIRD WARS January 10 – February 2, 2014 by Carter W. Lewis A hummingbird is always just a few hours away from starving. Warren wonders, who can live like that? – as he fights against middle-class extinction and the onslaught of threatening social media, deceptive cable companies, pharmaceutical invasion, a crippled economy, his flooding basement, and the mysterious appearance of guns throughout his home. When his wife disappears in the societal war on America, the soldier in him emerges, and he decides to fight back. FIGHTING OVER BEVERLEY February 28 – March 23, 2014 by Israel Horovitz A romantic comedy set in Gloucester, Massachusetts in the winter of 1998, Fighting Over Beverley centers on a love triangle between three 70+-year-olds: Beverley, who came to America from England as a war-bride; Zelly, her fisherman-husband; Archie, the Brit she jilted 53 years earlier, who has returned to take Beverley back. In the battle for Beverley, the real question emerges: What does it take to realize that you are the love of your life? THE TROUBLE WITH DOUG April 18 – May 11, 2014 Book and Music by Will Aronson Book and Lyrics by Daniel Maté A contemporary re-imagining of Kafka’s Metamorphosis, “The Trouble With Doug” is a hilarious and moving new musical about a healthy young man who transforms inexplicably into a giant talking slug. Thrust together awkwardly under the same roof, Doug, his family, and his fiancée all struggle to understand and respond to this strangest of crises. The Theatre at Arts Garage 2013-14 Season Tickets: $30-$40 or call 561-450-6357