Then Jack Happened : Forwarding my Future


Question Now that the “fappening” has passed – do I stop taking scantily clad selfies for my boyfriend or do I just get used to the idea that the world may one day see all of them? – Ashlee Answer May I recommend bawdy Polaroid’s? I’d feel awful to tell you to stop because I am sure that you’re both enjoying this activity. Given that the Internet’s primary role is facilitating all sorts of romance, and you are using smart phones for their major purpose (these are statistical certainties), if you don’t want to stop altogether you just have to accept the risks and consequences. With my cursory knowledge of the fappening, it wasn’t just famous people that had their information stolen. These no-goods were also secretly trading average joe’s candid shots. But not only are hackers stealing information, we have people secretly going through other’s phones, a foreign country crippling a giant international entertainment company in a huge hack-job, a recent release by our country admitting to inappropriately spying on people over the past decade, all of our tidbits and information that we forward online being sold to the highest bidder for advertising purposes, and the necessity of the new passage of revenge pornography laws to deal with jilted lovers that publicize private keepsakes. And these are the things that I can say that I know about, I can’t imagine what I don’t! So what do we do with this? I always put my phone to its most private settings, I don’t go for that cloud stuff, I don’t give out my simple-minded passwords, and I try to keep my emails sanitary. But mistakes happen. The other day someone who I haven’t heard from in a while texted me, I got names mixed up, and I forwarded along a picture of my bare holiday rump. Was I embarrassed? No. Did I pretend to be embarrassed? Sure. Did I give a fake apology? Of course. But I have no shame and you likely have some self-respect. So really, the ‘just accept it’ method, while admirable, sometimes isn’t reasonable and is difficult to swallow. Just as painful is censoring yourself, because you want to be able to speak freely with whomever you like. You would like to send your boyfriend exciting pictures because it is fun and a nice hobby. It is unfair that thieves and inappropriate personal intrusions are affecting your communications, but that is the reality we are living in. So you can either accept that you are an open book and stand by everything you put out, with the caveat that most everything we put in the air, even my naked butt, really isn’t that interesting even if it is sexy or offensive, or stop volunteering information. Because really that is what we are doing. We are agreeing to forward our information because of convenience over information waves that we don’t always need to use. We can hope that these companies will eventually take steps to better protect our information or that the government enforces laws to protect us, remembering that the companies are profiting off of us and that the government is spying on us, or change your way of life. You can go forward knowing that, yes, there is a chance that your afternoon delight is going to come out but probably not and accept that, or you can paint giant naked self portraits like the Renaissance and hang them in the bedroom to be seen by who you choose. It comes down to what risks are you personally willing to accept, versus the convenience of communication that using the interweb provides. Nosiness just takes the sexy out of everything. C’mon South Florida, send me your Snap Chat name and I’ll give you mine, just send it to