Thirty-year-old deaf service center gets makeover, new name


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Deaf & Hearing Resources of Palm Beach County, Inc. is the new name of the former Deaf Service Center, a 30-year-old nonprofit dedicated to serving the Deaf and hard-ofhearing community. Along with its new name and branding, the agency announces expanded offerings, a new approach to customer excellence, innovative programs, and a 30th anniversary celebration on December 5th, the actual date the agency opened its doors in 1984. “The sign for applause is waving hands in the air,” said Executive Director Lisa Bruna, “and, believe me, there’s a lot of that going on around here as we celebrate daily victories in all corners of our freshly updated center. Our wonderfully talented team members have been winning over clients with a new energy as well as new and exciting offerings, from ASL classes to Deaf social events and self-advocacy life skills workshops, to hearing health programs that enlighten, empower, excite, and educate,” Bruna said. Visitors to the newly named Deaf & Hearing Resources center will soon be treated to a walk-through of the Sound Suite, a stateof- the-art technology living room that gives customers a real-time experience of a home that’s equipped with a variety of assistive listening devices that can help manage hearing loss. Sound Suite guests will enjoy hands-on demos of amplified TV systems, emergency and non-emergency alerting systems, specialized phones, pocket talkers, bed shakers, lamp flashers, smoke detectors, and other innovative devices. The Sound Suite is scheduled to open in late November 2014, followed shortly by what Director of Outreach & Programming Beth Wagmeister calls “the agency’s most exciting event of the year.” Wagmeister said, “We’re thrilled to host a public showing of No Ordinary Hero: The Superdeafy Movie as our 30th anniversary fundraiser to honor the many ways this agency has served the Deaf community over the years and to celebrate all the new ways we plan to celebrate Deaf culture in the next 30.” The movie, starring John Maucere with Academy Award-winner Marlee Matlin, is about a deaf actor playing a superhero on television who looks beyond his cape to influence a deaf boy to redefine what being “normal” means. More new changes – which will include specialty programs for children and teens in addition to signature offerings for adults and seniors – will be rolled out in the coming months as the agency continues refining its new image and solidifying its reputation in the community. Deaf & Hearing Resources programs, staff and board information remains available on the web site as the new site is being built. Facebook fans can follow the agency at