Tips For Selling Your Property


By: Cheryl Adelman Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

Beat out your competition, get the highest price, in the fastest time.A little elbow grease and minimal cash investment could pay off big.

Potential buyers will scrutinize the condition of everything in and around your home. They will open cabinets, closets, and drawers, even the refrigerator.

Get ready for the invasion.

Purge your clothes, books, and tchotchkes! Trash, Recycle, Donate.

Clear clutter. This is top priority. Remove half of your things so your home feels bigger, especially excess furniture and clothes. You may need a storage unit temporarily. Clear surfaces, remove personal effects, manage the garage and home office, trim or remove unruly plants.

Organize. DIY or hire a professional. This will also prepare you for your own move.

Repair. Look around with the keen eye of a prospective buyer.  Caulk, grout, patch holes in the walls, etc. DIY or hire out. Replace broken windows and missing screens.

Deep Clean; DIY or hire a service. Wash windows, vacuum, dust, clean baseboards, inside lights, refrigerator, oven, microwave, cabinets. Buff and shine the floors, steam clean carpets. Change the air filters. Polish chrome and clean mirrors.

Bathrooms; You may only need a new bath mat, shower curtain and to set out fresh hand towels. Perhaps add touches of spa style items. But, check if you need to replace missing tiles, re-caulk moldy areas, repair rust spots and re-coat the tub with a new finish.

Lighting; Classic staging teaches that each room needs 3 points of lighting (Ikea provides solutions on the cheap).

Replace burned out lightbulbs and match the wattage within each fixture. If there is a chandelier you want to keep, remove it before you show the property so it does not become a negotiable item.

Fragrances; Keep it smelling fresh. Clean and hide the litter box. Keep your dog outside and on a leash during showings. Clean dog smells from fabric. Lightly mist with an uplifting essential oil like lemon, or eucalyptus. Or, bake cookies!

Curb appeal and yard: 

Trim, mow, weed, prune. Repair downspouts and clean the gutters. Pressure wash the siding. Fix that broken window. Repair the fence. Replace missing address numbers. Add color by planting flowers and applying new mulch. Update exterior lighting. Make sure concrete driveways are free of oil spots. Paint the front door. Finish with a new welcome mat.

More ideas:

– re-paint, with neutral colors; most cost effective if you can DIY

– replace hardware on cabinets

– try peel-and-stick wall tiles for a new backsplash

– apply orange oil to wood cabinets to bring back their luster

– warm the feel of the home with neutral accessories.

– set out colorful flowers &/or bowls of fresh fruit.

– open curtains and shades for the showing

Cheryl Adelman, Home Organizer, Writer, Speaker, Specializes in preparing properties for sale. 

Owner, Organize In A Day™ 609-287-3119