Tired Of The Apple Store? You’re Not Alone


Staff report
iHummingbird provides in-home service for your tech gadgets and smart devices. The Delray Beach-based store also creates an experience in-store similar to the Apple Store, minus the DMV comparable lines and swarms of people.
The showroom, located at 1405 N. Congress Ave. Suite 12, is a one-stop shop for those interested in learning about smart home technology. iHummingbird has answers to your questions about installing products like Nest, Sonos, Apple TV, cameras and others.
During your visit to the showroom, technicians will help you navigate your smart home needs and explain what each system requires and does. iHummingbird technicians will help you stay within your budget.
In addition, iHummingbird can assist with your devices and help you organize your digital content. Technicians can show you tricks to keeping your software up to date and improve the life of your phones, tablets and laptops.
If you’re interested in a smart home system or need help in your home—setting up new equipment or learning to use your existing devices—iHummingbird can guide you in-person on the best strategy and schedule a time for a technician to come out.
The reality of new technology is that it’s not so new anymore. Things that once seemed cutting edge to the average consumer, are now essential, everyday features of our lives. That doesn’t mean that they’re not complicated or intimidating, though. iHummingbird can help you sort through the options and customize a smart home system that you will feel comfortable with.
With iHummingbird, you have options. Customers can choose to set up in-home training, installation or visit the showroom.