‘Tis the Season to Give… But What?


By Laura Norman Special to The Pineapple You only have to go into any store or open a newspaper to be reminded it is gift giving season. The decorations are up, the ads are on display, and the message is clear, “Time To Shop! Time To Buy! Time To Get That ‘Perfect Gift’ For Those On Your List!” There is another way to experience this holiday season. Think about what kinds of gifts you would like! Do you really need or want another vase, tie or scarf, more stationery or anything else that will just add to your collection of “stuff”? Take the time to settle yourself and ask, “What do I really want?” The Abraham Teachings state that the reason we want anything is that we believe we will feel better in the having of it. Many people want more peace and connectedness with those they love, others desire to follow the path of peace and contentment. Whatever ‘feeling better’ means to you, seeking it through “stuff” is just a temporary fix. Finding a way to create joy and happiness from the inside out is the true way to give – to yourself and those you love. A friend recently shared a story of how he remembered his parents, after a long day of work, settling onto their sofa and lovingly rubbing each other’s feet. My friend said he could just see the stress of the day melt off and, after a short transition time, they would beckon for him to come nestle between them to share his day’s triumphs and tribulations. I asked my friend, now a father himself, what kinds of gifts he wanted this holiday season. Without hesitation, he replied he wanted more time with his children where he was not competing with their techno gadgets. He wanted to feel calm and present and offer his genuine presence more to his family. I asked him to ask his children what they wanted for the holidays. At first the list was all of the latest “i–this“ and “i-that’s.’ But when my friend calmly asked his children, “Beyond stuff , what do you really want?” They grew quiet and said, “just time with you, Daddy!” This was big news to my friend. They all wanted the same thing – a feeling of closeness that can’t be found in any store! Perhaps this holiday season instead of presents offer your presence! Instead of rushing about, consider slowing down and just let peace be your shopping guide. Reach out with love and offer your time. Give gifts that offer genuine relaxation and peacefulness, that provide a deep sense of contentment. Meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Reflexology and Life Wellness Coaching are powerful ways available to help you find and maintain that deep sense of contentment. Removing stress and clearing the mind of negative thoughts and feelings are critical steps to remembering and reconnecting with who we really are. Reflexology works by relieving stress, promoting relaxation, calming your central nervous system and creating a profound sense of inner peace, all the way to the cellular level. By changing habits of thought and clearing the blockages that stand between where you are now and a true sense of fulfillment, reflexology helps you “open the door” to you own joy. Gift Certificates for Laura Norman Reflexology and Life Wellness Coaching are now available for this holiday season. The gift of reflexology allows for ultimate relaxation and endorphin release. The gift of life wellness coaching is a reminder that we are worthy of all that is desired and capable of achieving it! Laura Norman, M.S., LMT, world-renowned Holistic Reflexologist and author of the best-selling book, Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology, offers private Reflexology and Life Wellness Coaching sessions in Delray Beach and Holistic Reflexology Training Programs in Boynton Beach. Visit www.lauranorman.com • Call 561-272-1220