Top 10 things you need to know in Delray Beach this July

Sandcastle at St Aubin's Beach with Elizabeth castle in the back ground
  1. The second annual GreenMarket is up and running through Aug. 20. The market will be open from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays at the tennis center parking lot, 201 W. Atlantic Ave. The market will feature about 30 vendors and live music. For more information contact Lori Nolan, Manager of the GreenMarket at (561) 276.7511 or email
  2. City Manager Don Cooper recently received a 10 percent raise from his bosses, the city commissioners.
  3. Assistant City Manager David Scott has submitted his resignation to the city. His last day will be Aug. 31.
  4. The city will be enforcing its “no dogs on the beach” policy with warnings and civil citations beginning this month. Commissioners recently decided to keep dogs off the beach and not go forward with a pilot program. If cited with a dog on the beach you may have to pay a $50 fine.
  5. The annual Fourth of July Sandcastle Competition is back. Hit the beach in the morning from 8 a.m. to noon with your shovels and pails to compete in building a sandcastle. The competition is hosted by The HOW Foundation & Professional Sandsculpture by Delray Marketplace.
  6. Palm Beach County Commissioners secured grant funding from the State Bureau of Emergency Services to purchase emergency medical equipment. Delray Beach will receive two cardiac compression devices that deliver automated chest compressions with reduced interruptions with appropriate depth and frequency and free up personnel and space to perform other tasks. They cost $32,000.
  7. Delray Beach has hired Jorge Alarcon to be the city’s Chief Parking Facilities Administrator.
  8. Delray Beach is gaining its first tattoo shop. Tradition Tattoo received city commission approval to open its doors. The city also declared a zoning in progress for any future tattoo shops that want to open. That means those businesses would be subjected to follow any rules the city decides to impose.
  9. Old School Square is poised to receive some much needed maintenance work including a new roof. The Community Redevelopment Agency has agreed to spend about $1 million to complete the work.
  10. Delray has submitted a bid to host the semi-finals of the Davis Cup. If the city is selected, the event will take place Sept. 16 to Sept. 18 at the Tennis Stadium.