Top 7 Secrets For Improving Energy


By Ronna L. Clements The Pineapple Contributing Writer In today’s day and age, we can almost buy anything we desire. As a nation, we seek quick-fixes and silver bullets. Whip out a credit card, fix me up, and I want it now! Even when it comes to good health, we want change to happen instantaneously. As such, we chase the next best supplement, the supposed magic-potions, and look for deep-rooted change to occur in our health from practicing short periods of healthy living. Unfortunately, there are certain things we cannot buy and one of them is energy. We cannot pull into the gas station as say, “fill me up with energy for $3.99 a gallon.” We must create our own energy, and for every moment that we lose energy, we age at a quicker pace. The following are my top seven secret weapons for improving energy. Secret One – Water Understanding the fact that we are essentially water is the key to understanding the mysteries of the universe. Each human body is comprised of 70% water and life itself, and all energy production would come to a grinding halt without it. Masaru Emoto quotes in his bestselling book, The Hidden Messages of Water that “water is the mirror of the soul.” Consuming an abundant amount of clean water is paramount for increasing energy. Secret Two – Rest Rest is an energy weapon and sound sleep is an old-age prescription for staying healthy. As the evening rolls in upon us, it is important to slow down and do things that will allow for quality sleep such as reading a book, meditating or listening to calming music. A fully darkened room is also essential to aid our sleep cycle. If we don’t get enough sleep we will lose energy. Secret Three – Sunlight There is no better form of energy than the sun. Sunlight deficiency will not only limit our energy production, but it will compromise our health in other ways, too. Many studies have shown a decrease in metabolism when individuals do not receive enough sunlight. Based on my research, balanced exposure to the sun combined with proper diet will actually prevent skins cancers. Sunlight also helps our skin tissue to produce Vitamin D which is linked to energy production. Let us embrace sunlight as it fuels and helps to grow everything on our planet – including the human body. Secret Four – Food Food is so very powerful and what we choose to eat will either help us or hurt us. Truly, to lead a vibrant life, we must eat a daily diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Without an adequate supply of these natural foods, we cannot and will not maintain optimal energy. Our longevity is directly tied to consuming fresh nutrients. If you wish to experience pure energy, you must consume pure energy. Secret Five – Exercise Life is Motion. The human body is meant to move. Our design is “motion design.” Let’s get moving! The modern world is killing us – sitting at a desk, driving in a car, buying gadgets to do everything for us, watching TV. The list can go on and on. Just get out and move – walk, run, stretch, cut the grass, trim the bushes, wash the car, play tennis. Whatever it is – just do it. If you don’t keep your body moving, you will LOSE ENERGY! Secret Six – Breathing How long can you hold your breath before you need to take in more air? Right – not very long. We need oxygen. We need to practice focusing on our breathing – deep diaphragmatic breathing. It’s elemental – like eating. You do it or else. Obviously, since breathing is how we get oxygen, poor or incomplete breathing will dramatically affect our energy production in a way that nothing else can do for us. Please educate yourself on the proper way to practice deep belly breathing or you will LOSE ENERGY. Secret Seven – Stop Drinking Caffeine After use and abuse of caffeine over time, your body will enter a state of exhaustion. Caffeine can push your adrenal glands so much that they won’t function very well and you won’t be able to maintain any energy at all. More caffeine just makes you more and more tired over the years and life becomes increasingly more difficult to handle. I say go cold turkey on caffeine, your body will adjust and you will have MORE ENERGY. Substitute your morning java with freshly squeezed carrot juice with a little bit of fresh ginger and lemon. You’ll learn to appreciate the difference in how you feel. Ronna Clements is a Natural Health & Wellness Innovator who has been helping people lead healthier lives for over 25 years. She is a Certified Specialist in Cellular Regeneration & Detoxification, Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy and Iridology. Ronna can be reached at: or 561-632-9187