Top Leadership Mistakes of Entrepreneurs


By Andrea Hoffer Special to The Pineapple The top leadership mistakes often made by entrepreneurs fall into four areas. The mistake I see most often with entrepreneurs is that they don’t separate themselves from their business. It becomes part of their identity. This can be dangerous. If you identify so closely with your business, you may not see everything objectively and this makes it difficult to make the right decisions for your business. For example, there may be one area of your business that is losing money and needs to be reworked or replaced or your business will suffer. If you cannot separate yourself from your business, you may overlook this until it is too late to turn it around. Another mistake I see entrepreneurs make is thinking that no one can do it better than they can. This leads to micromanaging or the entrepreneur doing everything themselves. The entrepreneur continues to work in their business instead of on it, which makes it difficult to grow the business. Successful entrepreneurs see themselves as leaders and focus on growing their people to do their jobs effectively. This frees the entrepreneur up to work on the future of the business. Entrepreneurs are often visionary when they start their business but then somewhere along the way they forget how important it is to have a vision for their business. The mistake they make is getting caught up in the day-to-day operations and not leaving time to develop a vision for the business and a plan to get them there. Finally, entrepreneurs often think they don’t need to learn how to lead. Many areas of leadership may come naturally to entrepreneurs; however there may also be blind spots that they are not aware of. The most successful entrepreneurs are constantly working on improving their leadership skills to be more effective. Andrea Hoffer brings a unique perspective to consulting and training. A small business owner with 35 employees herself, she knows first hand the everyday challenges of motivating employees, exceeding customer expectations, and meeting business and revenue goals. Contact Andrea to help you improve the experience you offer your customers and employees. 561-829-5611